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Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism Probing the Biology: Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism Interface from Molecules to Ecosystems
2014-08-10 to 2014-08-15
South Hadley, MA, USA
The conference spans natural and synthetic systems under oxic and anoxic conditions at scales from molecules to ecosystems. There is an emphasis on the molecular aspects of autotrophic microbes, methanogens, methylotrophs, methanotrophs, and acetogens. link

Systems Approach to Metabolic Disease
2014-10-01 to 2014-10-03
Chicago, IL, USA
This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to bring together experts in systems biology and metabolism to discuss how ‘Omics’ approaches can be exploited in an effort to understand the perturbations that take place in the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases. link