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The Third International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control
2016-07-04 to 2016-07-06
Xi'an, China
IS3C2016 is The Third International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control sponsored by National Chin-Yi University of Technology, and it is formally Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. This conference offers a great opportunity for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present the latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications. IEEE sponsored IS3C, held every two years, is hosted by National Chin-Yi University of Technology and Xi'an University of Science and Technology, 4-6 July 2016, Xi'an, China, where Xi'an is well known as its exclusive historic image of thousands years ago in China. As suggested by the name of the conference, the themes of this conference cover advanced multimedia, computer, telecommunication, sensors and semiconductor, consumer electronics, renewable energy, systems and control, and digital signal processing. Original high-quality papers related to these themes are especially solicited, including theories, methodologies, and applications in Computing, Consumer and Control. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore database as well as EI index. Selected papers will be recommended to related SCI/EI journals for a special issue publication. link

Green Chemistry and the Environment at 252nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition
2016-08-21 to 2016-08-25
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The field of green chemistry has impacted several areas and has lead to advances in chemical design, catalyst fabrication, waste valorization, biomass conversion, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, enzyme-based processes and alternative energy. The symposium will bring together scientists from the academic, industrial and government sectors to discuss emerging green chemical strategies in biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and toxicology the impact environmental processes. Advances in green chemistry concepts will be enhanced by obtaining a better understanding of the mechanistic pathways involved in various reactions. The symposium will further focus on theoretical and experimental research by bringing together experts in the field to address the need for best practices for green chemical processes for the environment.

The topics that would be covered in this session, but not limited to, are:

  • Catalysis
  • Alternative energy
  • Waste Valorisation
  • Green Chemical Synthesis
  • Biorenewables
  • Safe Industrial practices
  • Education in green processes
  • Green solvent link

4th International Small Sample Test Techniques Conference
2016-10-12 to 2016-10-14
Shanghai, China

Small scale testing is now receiving world-wide attention for the considerable cost saving benefits that it can offer whilst providing useful mechanical property information for highly localized regions, such as weldments and heat affected zones. As such, miniaturized testing is now being adopted for a wide range of applications, where subtle to significant microstructural changes are found across components. Given the success of such approaches, efforts have been made in correlating uniaxial test data with results generated from small-scale test techniques, which, in turn, have heralded the development of a European Code of Practise for small punch testing.

The 4th International Conference on Small Sample Test Techniques is due to take place in Shanghai, China, from 12–14 October, 2016, and will bring together leading researchers and scientists from academia and industry to discuss recent developments in this growing field of research. This inaugural Special Issue will collate a series of papers from the ever expanding small scale testing community to showcase the diversity and innovative nature of the research that is currently developing across the world on a broad scope of materials and applications.

 The main topics of the conference are: 

  1. Small Punch Creep Testing 
  2. Small Punch Testing for Tensile and Fracture Behaviour 
  3. Non-destructive Sampling of Test Material from in Service Components 
  4. Determination of Actual Material Properties from in Service Components 
  5. Indentation and Hardness Testing 
  6. Other Miniature Test Techniques 
  7. Numerical Approach link

HAMBURG'2016 AES-ATEMA 31st Int. Conference
2016-10-24 to 2016-10-28
Hamburg, Germany

Following the success of its preceding AES-ATEMA* International Conferences and Conventions, the delegates of the forthcoming HAMBURG’2016 AES-ATEMA 31st International Conference (Hamburg, GERMANY: October 24–28, 2016) will continue to address important topics within the realm of “Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications”. The conference is tentatively planned to take place at the famous “Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel, Hamburg, Germany”. Address: Neuer Jungfernstieg 9–14 20354 Hamburg link