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The 1st Conference of the Marine Fungal Natural Products
2015-07-22 to 2015-07-24
Nantes, France
Marine fungi have been raising many different questions over the past few years, either in terms of their physiology and role in this particular environment, but also in relation to their capacity to produce bioactive compounds. These singular organisms are now studied by many scientists with a growing interest because they are a renewable source of original and new natural products with potential value in many areas (human health, food, cosmetics, biofuels ...).
The Sea, Molecules, Health team (MMS), especially the group working on marine fungi organize this event in Nantes on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of July 2015 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological sciences, University of Nantes, in partnership with Ifremer. link

9th European Conference on Marine Natural Products
2015-08-30 to 2015-09-02
Glasgow, Scotland
Besides the traditional topics of isolation & structure elucidation, synthesis and biological activity of marine natural products, in this Conference, we will also be including topics on marine polymers and biomaterials from marine sources as well as new methods of dereplication involving metabolomics and innovative perspectives in marine industrial biotechnology. This will bring together a diverse mixture of scientists from many disciplines, which would deliver a very stimulating conference. link