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Bearing World Conference 2018
2018-03-06 to 2018-03-07
Kaiserslautern, Germany

BEARING WORLD – International Bearing Conference "Industrial Research and Science in Dialogue with Practical Application", 6-7 March, 2018 in Kaiserslautern, Germany

Join in and experience an International Industry Event in a Class of its own: Bearing World, the Expert Forum for Bearings.

More than 200 participants from 11 countries attended at the conference in 2016. Here, researchers and developers from universities and bearing manufacturers come together in dialogue with users and experts from the industry. Connect with leading experts on an international stage and keep yourself up-to-date with the current state of the art in the field of bearings. Take advantage of this first-class industry event as an opportunity for interacting, gaining information, and expanding your international network.

Main topics:

Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. - Research Association for drive technology

The Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. (FVA – Research Association for drive technology) is a non-profit association for the purpose of joint research and training in the field of drive technology.
The FVA always focuses on areas where something is driven, controlled and moved. Research projects concentrate on mechanical and electrical or mechatronic drive technology in stationary industrial plants, in motor vehicles and mobile machines, through to aircraft. All links in the value added chain are put to the test, from materials, production technologies and quality assurance, components and systems and their calculation, lubricants, through to environmental compatibility, quality, costs and innovation management. Currently approx. 180 ongoing projects are co-ordinated each year by 25 active working groups. link

Lubmat 2018
2018-06-05 to 2018-06-06
Miramar Palace, San Sebastian - Spain

LUBMAT is a common initiative between TEKNIKER and JOST Institute for lubrication and tribology which realized that even though there were numerous international congresses dealing with the scientific approach for lubrication and wear, there were not any specific industrially focused. LUBMAT intends to address the industrial public without losing sight of the academic and scientific vision. LUBMAT is a well-established event that is in its 6th edition. Contributions are expected on all aspects of these three main topics: link

7th International Conference on Fracture Fatigue and Wear
2018-07-09 to 2018-07-10
Ghent University, Belgium
The seventh international conference on Fracture, Fatigue and Wear (FFW 2018), which will be held in the city of Ghent, Belgium. The overall objective of the conference is to bring together international scientists and engineers in academia and industry in fields related to Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue of Materials, Tribology and Wear of Materials. The conference covers industrial engineering applications of the above topics including theoretical and analytical methods, numerical simulations and experimental techniques. One of the aims of conference is to promote cooperation between international scientists and engineers from a large number of disciplines, who are involved in research related to Fracture, Fatigue and Wear. link

First International Conference on Numerical Modelling in Engineering (NME 2018)
2018-08-28 to 2018-08-29
Ghent, Belgium
The first international conference on Numerical Modelling in Engineering (NME 2018), which will be held in the city of Ghent, Belgium. The overall objective of the conference is to bring together international scientists and engineers in academia and industry in fields related to advanced numerical techniques, such as FEM, BEM, IGA, etc., and their applications to a wide range of engineering disciplines. The conference covers industrial engineering applications of numerical simulations to Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc. link

The 6th Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIARIB2018)
2018-09-17 to 2018-09-20
Hilton Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB) is the mega event in the series of International Tribology Conferences under the auspices of the Asian Tribology Council (ATC), the apex body of national tribology society of Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia and others. This conference is organized every four years with the great involvements from the various universities and major industry players.

In 2018, Malaysia will become the first South-east Asian country to host ASIATRIB. The sixth series of ASIATRIB will be organized by Malaysian Tribology Society (MYTRIBOS). The conference will take place in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia, from 17 to 20 September 2018. ASIATRIB2018 is supported by the Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Malaysia (MOSTI) and the International Tribology Council (ITC).

The objectives of the conference are:
• To share the pioneering research ideas among academicians, researchers, students, authorities, and practitioners from universities, industries, institutions, and related agencies all around the world through oral presentations.
• To create a platform for bilateral cooperation between interested parties among delegates in the spirit of sharing ideas through creative and innovative approaches and pushing the frontier of knowledge forward in the respective areas of research.
• To provide an opportunity for delegates especially young researchers and students to meet up in person with established and renown people from local and abroad in the respective field to get experiences, exchange research ideas, and build rapport through informal discussions. link

OilDoc Conference & Exhibition
2019-01-29 to 2019-01-31
Bavaria, Germany

The OilDoc Conference and Exhibition is the trend-setting event in the fields of lubrication, maintenance and condition monitoring. It is also a platform for acknowledged experts in the fields of research, development and science as well as for experienced engineers. They present their latest academic insights and results of research and provide crucial impetus to practitioners.

The main topics of the OilDoc Conference:
- Condition Monitoring & Maintenance 4.0
- Oil Condition Monitoring – Online • On-Site • Offline
- Fluid Management – Innovative & Sustainable
- Lubricants – Latest developments
- Tribology – Research targeting Experience
- Lubricants – Design to Application
- Metal working and forming lubrication
- Lubrication in Special Environments
- Functional fluids – Everything but lubrication

Participants receive new suggestions and information how to cope with lubrication and maintenance challenges in their daily work activities.
- Get to know all the recent developments.
- Be prepared for future opportunities and risks.
- Meet all major experts at just one event.
- Excellent networking opportunities.
- Reception and special evening events. link