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2017-06-07 to 2017-06-09
Ljubljanica, Slovenia

The first European Conference on Tribology – ECOTRIB was held in Ljubljana in 2007. After 10 years, this conference series is now making its first return to Slovenia. ECOTRIB is organised on a biennial basis by the tribology societies of four countries: Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. ECOTRIB 2017 will be the sixth consecutive event, probably making it eligible for the status of well “established and traditional” European conference.

ECOTRIB is devoted to a continuous update of the cutting edge of tribology research in Europe and world-wide, reviewing the most advanced developments and research beyond the state of the art in traditional and more modern areas that continue to expand rapidly, such as nano-, bio-, and green-tribology as well as interface phenomena. Moreover, at ECOTRIB we can assess the progress of research groups, young scientists and last, but certainly not least, industry, its development activities, and trends in application-oriented research.

Within ECOTRIB 2017 conference several most respected and world-renowned scientists will give keynote and invited lectures and participants will have an opportunity to publish their work in a special issue of one of the three relevant tribology journals (Wear, Tribology International and Lubrication Science). In addition, financial prizes and plaques will be awarded to the best student papers/presentations, as judged by the Awards Committee. link

Trends in Nanotribology 2017 (TiN17)
2017-06-26 to 2017-06-30
Trieste, Italy

The physics of tribology—a vast interdisciplinary field covering friction, adhesion, lubrication, and wear-- has been largely revived by experimental, theoretical, and technological advances that approach these phenomena at the microscopic scales. This International Conference will bring together scientists from laboratories all over the world that are active in nano and meso-scale tribology and will offer a fresh view of all new developments. In parallel with more academic subjects, this activity intends to increase the potential collaboration and sharing of know-how with the engineering and industrial community. The Conference will also mark the conclusion for the COST Action MP1303 “Understanding and controlling nano and meso-scale friction” supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020, with the added opportunity to gather a large fraction of Europe's scientists and students. Support is also provided by ERC MODPHYSFRICT and SISSA, Trieste, by the Physics Department, University of Milano, by AC2T, Excellence Centre of Tribology, and by the Austrian Tribological Society OeTG, both in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. This rich and diversified attendance will offer a strategic opportunity to discuss the future directions of this whole area. link

44th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology
2017-09-04 to 2017-09-07
Université de Lyon, Lyon 69000, France

While many tribology conferences have addressed various aspects of surfaces, this Leeds-Lyon Symposium will focus on the relationship between motion and friction - Tribology enables motion - and how to improve the system’s performance through tribological considerations. The velocity in tribological contacts can vary from barely perceptible (as in some tectonic flows, for example) to supersonic (as in some high speed foil bearings). The motion of surfaces can vary in kinematic complexity, from simple steady sliding to movements that are highly variable in time and direction.

Examples of areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Sports and leisure activities, areas in which motion is a major parameter,
• Mechanical transmissions, where complex geometry or kinematics superpose,
• Biomechanical applications, such as the human joints or the eyelid.

Indeed, the performance of any item suggested above is directly related to friction. Depending on the desired outcome, the optimal friction may be either maximum or minimum. These topics are exceedingly broad in terms of the application as well as the tribological mechanisms taking place (mechanics, physics, chemistry, materials science, etc.).

Thus the Symposium will aim to gather researchers from very diverse scientific and technological backgrounds to share expertise and discuss on how to apply their skills to address important and interesting problems of the present and future. link

Sixth World Tribology Congress (WTC 2017)
2017-09-17 to 2017-09-22
Beijing, China
WTC 2017 aims to highlight recent important progress in all aspects of tribology and strengthen the links between academia and industry.

WTC 2017 is organized by the Chinese Tribology Institute (CTI). It is expected that more than 800 oral presentations including plenary, keynote and invited talks will be given in 9 technical tracks. Around 200 poster presentations are also expected.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the political, cultural, and educational center. It is a modernized historic city, now endowed with world-class convention centers, advanced facilities, beautiful hotels and resorts. link