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Public Law Conference: Process and Substance in Public Law
2014-09-15 to 2014-09-17
Cambridge, UK

The theme for the inaugural Public Law Conference is Process and Substance in Public Law. The conference will bring together academics, judges and practitioners from a range of Public Law fields and a variety of common law jurisdictions. The intention is that the Public Law series will become a pre-eminent forum for the discussion of Public Law matters in the common law world. link

The Joint Planning Law Conference, Oxford
2014-09-19 to 2014-09-21
New College Oxford, UK
For more information please refer to the website. link

Testing the edges: Challenging Criminology
2014-10-01 to 2014-10-03
Sydney Law School, University of Sydney Camperdown, USA
The conference will highlight cutting-edge criminological research being conducted in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. It will also provide a unique forum where researchers can meet with representatives from government, non-governmental organisations, and industry. link

LEC Workshop for Law Professors on Austrian Law & Economics
2014-10-01 to 2014-10-03
Arlington, Virginia, USA
The Workshop will present the basic and distinctive ideas of Austrian economics, including market process v. equilibrium, spontaneous order, division of knowledge, entrepreneurship, and subjectivism, using historical issues as case studies to apply these ideas to particular concepts. link

Civil Justice Symposium 2014: Recent Developments in Tort Law and Practice
Buffalo, USA
This conference will examine recent developments in tort law, affording students, faculty and practitioners a rare inside look at this high-stakes field of law. link

National Aging and Law Conference 2014
2014-10-16 to 2014-10-17
Washington, DC, USA
The 2014 National Aging and Law Conference (NALC) will bring together substantive law, policy, and legal service development and delivery practitioners from across the country.  The program will include sessions on Medicare, Medicaid, guardianship, elder abuse, legal ethics, legal service... link

The 2014 Public Health Law Conference
2014-10-16 to 2014-10-17
Atlanta, GA, USA
The 2014 Public Health Law Conference will gather public health and legal experts from across the country to examine and discuss today’s critical challenges in public health law. Leaders in the field will present on a range of emerging issues from a variety of perspectives. Designed for non-attorneys and attorneys, the conference will equip attendees with the knowledge and resources they need to use law as a tool improve public health. Federal, state, local and tribal public health officials and practitioners, as well as those working in non-governmental health organizations, are encouraged to attend. link

Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite®
2014-10-16 to 2014-10-19
Fish Camp, California, USA
The Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite® is nationally recognized as the largest and most prestigious gathering in California of leaders in environmental, land use, and natural resources law. We hope you will join us and many of our nation’s top environmental offi cials, lawyers, and other professionals in the spectacular setting of Yosemite – which is celebrating its 150th year! link

36th Annual BAA/PMA Marketing Law Conference
2014-11-05 to 2014-11-07
Chicago, IL, USA
Social media policies, developing apps for platforms and legal challenges, Native Advertising, Big Data and targeted Advertising mobile marketing (including apps, privacy, current issues) branded entertainment /rights issues, COPPA, endorsements/union contracts /Gamification/on-line behavioral/advertising, US and Global privacy concerns, sweepstakes, contests, gift cards, coupons and all forms of incentive marketing, advanced I.P. issues and a host of other subjects. link

2014 Annual Meeting — American Society for Legal History
2014-11-06 to 2014-11-09
Denver, Colorado, USA
For more information please refer to the website. link

Consumer Rights Litigation Conference
2014-11-06 to 2014-11-09
Tampa, FL, USA
Without a doubt, this is the most important event of the year for attorneys who represent consumers. No matter your level of experience in consumer law, you will be certain to find tremendous value at the conference and you are certain to come away energized by the justice and fairness we all pursue in the work we do every day. link

Third Annual Conference on Energy Regulation: Legal and Regulatory Issues, Obstacles, and Opportunities in Electricity Markets
2014-11-13 to 2014-11-14
Evanston, IL, USA

The conference will feature panels on the following topics: link

2nd International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law—ICTBEL 2014
2014-11-17 to 2014-11-19
London, UK
For more information please refer to the website. link

33rd Annual ANZLHS Conference
2014-12-10 to 2014-12-13
University of New England, Armidale, Australia
The Conference provides wide scope to discuss law and history in a variety of settings. Although an important context for the conference is the interrelation between imported laws of a parent jurisdiction and their application to other domains, both jurisdictional and geographical, we encourage potential presenters to interpret the conference theme broadly. link

AALS Section on Securities Regulation - 2015 AALS Annual Meeting
Washington, DC, USA
This panel discussion will explore the current and future role of Rule 10b-5 in public and private offerings, public enforcement efforts, and private litigation. Participants also will discuss the manner in which Rule 10b-5 relates to expectations regarding public companies and their directors. Participants will explore these issues in light of recent court decisions (including, e.g., Halliburton), the Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement priorities, and changing rules related to public disclosure obligations. link

Association for the Study of Law, Culture, And The Humanities Eighteenth Annual Conference
2015-03-06 to 2015-03-07
Washington, D.C, USA
The Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities is an organization of scholars engaged in interdisciplinary, humanistically-oriented legal scholarship. The Association brings together a wide range of people engaged in scholarship on legal history, legal theory and jurisprudence, law and cultural studies, law and anthropology, law and literature, law and the performing arts, and legal hermeneutics. We want to encourage dialogue across and among these fields about issues of interpretation, identity, and values, about authority, obligation, and justice, and about law's role as a constituent part of cultures and communities. link

The New Era in Gaming Law
Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA
The transnational character of gaming has generated difficult legal questions involving jurisdiction, regulation, and legality. Possible panel topics include online poker, sports betting, fantasy gambling, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, and the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Related matters include public and private enforcement of anti-gaming statutes, constitutional issues pertinent to gaming (commandeering, the dormant commerce clause), jurisdictional issues, and taxation of gaming revenues and winnings. link

25th Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association
2015-05-15 to 2015-05-16
Columbia Law School, USA
For more information please refer to the website. link

2015 Law and Society Association Annual Meeting
2015-05-28 to 2015-05-31
Seattle, USA
The 2015 LSA annual meeting will engage law’s promises and law’s pathos in domestic and transnational contexts, through plenaries addressing the roles of law in the war on terror, in climate change, in emancipation and protection of the world’s most vulnerable populations, and in law’s relationships with religions. link