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Winchester Conference on Trust, Risk, Information & the Law
Winchester, UK
The First Winchester Conference on Trust, Risk, Information and the Law will be held on Tuesday 29th April 2014 at the West Downs Campus, University of Winchester, UK.  The conference aims to explore the way that information is used and shared in today's society, the challenges of the assessment of risk, the impact on privacy, the law's response and the way that a multi-disciplinary approach can facilitate solutions. link

Law and Society Association 50th Annual Meeting
2014-05-29 to 2014-06-01
Minneapolis, USA

Law and Inequalities: Global and Local

Recent decades have seen the persistence and growth of powerful inequalities within and between groups and within and among nations. The 2014 program theme returns to a question central to the Association’s founding:  the role of law and legal institutions in sustaining, creating, interrogating, and ameliorating inequalities. link

The 45th BIALL Annual Conference
2014-06-12 to 2014-06-14
Harrogate, United Kingdom

Our 2014 Programme focus Data Data Everywhere reflects our acknowledgement of the impact, contriu‑on, and challenges presented emerging technologies for managing data. The successful management of such data is a key component of the working lives of information professionals across the globe. The focus of the conference has also beeninformed by direct feedback on the 2013 Conference link

4th Biennial Global Conference - SIEL 2014
2014-07-10 to 2014-07-12
Bern, Switzerland

The Fourth Biennial Global Conference of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) will be held in Bern and hosted by the World Trade Institute (WTI) of the University of Bern, Switzerland. The Conference Theme will be “Regulatory Challenges in International Economic Law: Convergence or Divergence?“ link

107th AALL Annual Conference
2014-07-12 to 2014-07-15
San Antonio, TX, USA
Please refer to the website for further information. link

International Conference on End of Life: Law, Ethics, Policy and Practice 2014
2014-08-13 to 2014-08-15
Brisbane, Australia

The Conference will provide a global forum at which health law scholars, bioethicists, legal and health practitioners, and health law and bioethics institutions can meet to discuss and present on law, ethics, policy and practice relating to the end of life. link