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The 13th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS 2016)
2016-10-10 to 2016-10-13
Brasília, Brazil
Wireless ad hoc communication has applications in a variety of environments, such as conferences, hospitals, battlefields,
and disaster-recovery/rescue operations, and is also being actively investigated as an alternative paradigm for Internet
connectivity in both urban and rural areas. Wireless sensor and actuator networks are also being deployed for enhancing industrial
control processes and supply-chains, and for various forms of environmental monitoring. IEEE MASS 2016 aims at addressing advances
in research on multihop ad hoc and sensor networks, covering topics ranging from technology issues to applications and test-bed development. link

3rd EAI International Conference on Safety and Security in Internet of Things
2016-10-26 to 2016-10-28
Paris, France
The infrastructure of large cities is getting more and more vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters.
Complex ICT infrastructures, critical dependencies and unforeseen cascading effects can aggravate single hazard events to a threatening crisis of whole infrastructures. With the dense population and the critical dependency on infrastructures,  such crises become a serious threat to the safety and security of citizens and industries. When the "unforeseen" happens, public security comes to its limits. Whether cyber, natural or industrial disasters - effective risk management must be a continuous process that recognizes new threats and opportunities, in particular in relation to new technological evolutions.

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