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The CTBT: Science and Technology 2017 Conference (SnT 2017)
2017-06-26 to 2017-06-30
Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria

The CTBT: Science and Technology 2017 Conference (SnT 2017) will take place from 26 to 30 June 2017
at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. It will be the sixth in a series of multidisciplinary conferences
designed to further enhance the strong relationship between the scientific and technological community and the CTBTO.


- The Earth as a Complex System
- Events and Nuclear Test Sites
- Advances in Sensors, Network and Processing
- Performance Optimization and System Engineering
- Monitoring for Nuclear Explosion in a Global Context

To promote the wider scientific application of data that is used for test-ban verification
- To enhance the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the CTBTO and the broader scientific community
- The present to the scientific community the needs of nuclear test monitoring and verification

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International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems (ICFNDS) 2017
2017-07-19 to 2017-07-20
Cambridge, UK

The 2017 International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems (ICFNDS 2017) aims at addressing advances in research on distributed systems and future networks, covering topics ranging from enabling technologies to emerging applications and industrial experiences. ICFNDS aims to encourage researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences in an interactive atmosphere. Authors are solicited to contribute original, unpublished contributions in all aspects of future networking and distributed systems.

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5th International Symposium on Sensor Science
2017-09-27 to 2017-09-29
Barcelona, Spain

The upcoming international scientific conference "5th International Symposium on Sensor Science I3S 2017", sponsored by the journal Sensors, will bring together scientists from different areas to discuss important recent developments in sensor technology.

Take the opportunity to meet sensor scientists from all over the world and develop new mutually beneficial collaborations! Visit our conference website and register today! link

The 14th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS)
2017-10-22 to 2017-10-25
Orlando, Florida, USA
IEEE MASS is a premier, annual forum for sharing original, novel ideas in mobile ad hoc networks and wireless sensor networks, defined broadly. Continuing this tradition, the 14th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS) will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on October 22-25, 2017. Wireless ad hoc communications, Internet of Things, and mobile computing are increasingly being used in civilian and military applications in homes and businesses, cities and rural areas, sea and space. Wireless sensor and actuator networks are being widely deployed for enhancing industrial processes and management, for various forms of environmental monitoring and control, and for improving quality of life. Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE MASS 2017 aims at bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners to address recent advances in mobile ad-hoc and sensor-actuator systems, covering algorithms, theories, systems, protocols, applications, experiments, and testbeds. link