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Precision Medicine Congress
2015-09-14 to 2015-09-15
London, UK
The conference attracted experts working in many areas of precision and personalised medicine such as biomarkers, CDx, translational medicine, clinical trials, genomics, NGS, bioinformatics and health economics and provided the audience the opportunity to take home cutting edge strategies, case study examples and methods to allow them to both implement and take the vital next steps in delivering precision medicine. link

Personalized Medicine Conference
2015-09-30 to 2015-10-03
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
New technologies and therapeutic approaches are being developed and implemented which could transform patient management in the near future. This conference will address several of these key areas, including overviews of personalized medicine, cardiovascular health, gene therapy, stem cells and regenerative medicine, cancer immunotherapy, ethics, the diagnostics-pharma convergence, cancer genomics and bioinformatics. link

Cancer Genomics
2015-11-01 to 2015-11-04
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany link