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ESMO Symposium on Signalling Pathways in Cancer 2015 – Targeting the MAPK pathway: From RAS to MEK
2015-03-13 to 2015-03-14
Barcelona, Spain
The 2015 Symposium will concentrate on targeting the MAPK pathway: from RAS to MEK. The programme will cover preclinical data and genetics relevant for the understanding of the functional mechanisms in the RAS/ERK/MEK pathway, regulation of MAPK signalling, the rationale and strategies to inhibiting the pathway, biomarkers, mechanisms of resistance, as well as how to overcome it, and some important interactions with other pathways. link

Genomics of Rare Disease: Beyond the Exome
2015-04-29 to 2015-05-01
Wellcome trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
The conference will discuss the latest findings on the genomic basis of rare disorders, which can provide powerful insights into human biology. The programme will cover some of the opportunities and challenges that arise as we move beyond comparative genomic hybridization and whole exome sequencing towards whole genome sequencing. link

Advances in Next Generation Sequencing 2015
2015-05-05 to 2015-05-06
Online Event
During this event, the hottest topics in next generation sequencing will be addressed in a webinar-style auditorium with the opportunity for live Q&A at the end of each talk. Featuring an array of leading international speakers, this event aims to provide you with an insight into the latest developments in sequencing platforms and methods. Focus will be given to RNA sequencing, as well as emerging clinical applications of NGS. Presentations will also highlight the use of bioinformatics and data analysis. link

Personalised Medicine 2015
2015-05-12 to 2015-05-13
Cambridge, UK
At Personalised Medicine 2015, you will benefit from the expert knowledge of leaders into omics and disease research who are currently working towards a future where medical interventions are more precise, more targeted and are resulting in better patient outcomes. You will hear from those that are currently discovering and developing therapies, with companion diagnostics, and from the professionals who are responsible for personalised medical products that have already hit the market. There will also be discussions involving industry and regulatory bodies on the improvements and challenges of personalized medicine and its practical impact on the future of healthcare. link

2015-06-06 to 2015-06-09
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

The European Human Genetics Conference (now in its 49th year) is a forum for all workers in human and medical genetics to review advances and develop research collaborations.

The conference has become one of the premier events in the field of human genetics with over 3.000 delegates, more than 215 oral presentations, 13 workshops, 8 educational sessions, and over 150 exhibiting companies.

The ESHG conference is where the latest developments in human genetics are discussed, and where professionals from all parts of human genetics meet. link

Genomic Counselling for Genetic Counsellors
2015-07-02 to 2015-07-03
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
The workshop is suitable for practising genetic counsellors and genetic nurses. It has been designed so that it is relevant for genetic counsellor registration CPD. To optimize discussions and interactions, numbers are limited; therefore, early registration is advised.
We may have to limit the number of places allocated to each centre to increase diversity. link

Precision Medicine Congress
2015-09-14 to 2015-09-15
London, UK
The conference attracted experts working in many areas of precision and personalised medicine such as biomarkers, CDx, translational medicine, clinical trials, genomics, NGS, bioinformatics and health economics and provided the audience the opportunity to take home cutting edge strategies, case study examples and methods to allow them to both implement and take the vital next steps in delivering precision medicine. link

Cancer Genomics
2015-11-01 to 2015-11-04
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany link