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14th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium
2015-08-31 to 2015-09-04
Aveiro, Portuga
The deep-sea is the largest ecosystem on Earth, it harbours high biodiversity and provides a wealth of resources yet, it is also the least explored and understood. Since their first edition in 1977, the international deep-sea symposia have been invaluable forums for exchange of information on the most recent deep-sea explorations and scientific advances. Moreover, the symposia  have also been wellsprings of cooperation and formation of new research groups and projects. link

18th International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling (18th ICMCF)
2016-06-19 to 2016-06-24
Toulon, France
The forthcoming ICMCF will keep with past traditions by providing an interdisciplinary program that will highlight research efforts in understanding and combating biofouling and corrosion of materials and structures immersed in the marine environment. The ambition of this congress is to bring experts from around the world providing the latest basic and applied research advances in biology, microbiology, chemistry, physical chemistry, coatings and materials to help meet these challenges. In 2016, an additional industry session will be proposed dealing with fouling/corrosion concerns in marine energy applications and ships and in aquaculture, harbour infrastructures, Oil & Gas, and desalination plants. link