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48th Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
2015-06-02 to 2015-06-05
Tsukuba, Japan
On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to inform you that the 48th Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists (JSDB) cosponsored by the Asia-Pacific Developmental Biology Network (APDBN) will be held in Tsukuba from June 2nd to 5th, 2015. link

Tissue Repair & Regeneration: Exploring Innovations in Tissue Repair and Regeneration: From Bench to Therapies
2015-06-07 to 2015-06-12
New London, NH, USA
The primary goal in regenerative medicine is to facilitate the replacement of injured, diseased or aged tissues with fully functional counterparts, thus extending the healthy life expectancy of our aging population. As such the field of regenerative medicine has great potential in tackling many of the greatest health concerns and needs of the 21st century. The Gordon Research Conference on Tissue Repair and Regeneration (GRC-TRR) is the only major recurrent meeting focusing on the broad topic of regenerative medicine, from the basic mechanisms of tissue repair and regeneration, to their clinical applications. link

Developmental Biology: The Patterns that Shape Our Bodies, from Cellular Organization to Transgenerational Inheritance
2015-06-21 to 2015-06-26
South Hadley, MA, USA
The 2015 Gordon Conference on Developmental Biology will present the most recent, cutting-edge research in the field. The nine sessions of oral presentations will cover classic topics and emerging areas in the field: Cellular Mechanisms of Early Development; Regulatory Networks of Gene Expression during Development; Self-Assembly of Subcellular Structures; Transgenerational Signaling; Epithelial Patterning and Morphogenesis; Stem Cell Biology; Patterning and Cell Fate. One session will highlight the discovery and functions of small non-coding RNAs. link

SDB 74th Annual Meeting
2015-07-09 to 2015-07-13
Snowbird, UT, USA
The purpose of the Society for Developmental Biology is to further the study of development in all organisms and at all levels, to represent and promote communication among students of development, and to promote the field of developmental biology. link