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Neurogenesis Conference - Implications for Lifelong Development and Disease
2016-03-02 to 2016-03-05
Cancun, Mexico
Neural development is not restricted to embryonic or early postnatal stages but continuous throughout life in the mammalian brain. This conference will bring together leaders from diverse fields such as embryonic cortical development, adult neurogenesis, human imaging, and stem cell-based neural disease modelling to discuss recent advances in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating neural stem cell activity, neuronal specification and functional significance of circuitries modified by the addition of new neurons. In addition, translational perspectives and implications for disease modelling will be covered. link

XII Congress of Mexican Society of Developmental Biology
2016-03-08 to 2016-03-12
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. MEXICO

We are please to announce that the Mexican Society of Developmental Biology is organizing its XII National Congress. Plenary lectures will be presented by Claudio Stern, Juan Hurlé, Roberto Mayor Fernando Casares, María-Elena Torres-Padilla, María Ángela Nieto, Alfredo Herrera-Estrella, and Arturo Álvarez-Buylla. The aim of this conference is to provide an environment to exchange ideas and promote collaboration between different research groups

The following topics will be presented in different symposia
Early development
Neural Development
Transcriptional regulation and morphogenesis
Stem cells and regeneration
Molecular Control of Cell Differentiation
Organogenesis link

2016 Canadian Developmental Biology Meeting
2016-03-17 to 2016-03-20
Banff, AB, Canada
The 2016 meeting will be the 8th Canadian Developmental Biology Conference and the 6th Canada Regional SDB Meeting. link

CDB Symposium 2016
2016-03-28 to 2016-03-30
Kobe, Japan
The CDB was established to conduct research in the fields of development and regeneration, and to help establish scientific bases for regenerative medicine. As part of that mission, the CDB inaugurated a series of annual symposia in 2003 to facilitate the global and timely exchange of findings in related research fields ( link

The Joint Meeting of the British Societies for Cell and Developmental Biology
2016-04-10 to 2016-04-13
University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the joint meeting of the British Societies for Cell and Developmental Biology. This conference is our flagship event for 2016 and provides a unique forum to network and socialise with a wide cross-section of the Cell and Developmental Biology community.
The meeting features plenary and parallel sessions, with an outstanding line up of speakers from around the world. This year’s plenary lectures will be presented by Marc Kirschner and Ruth Lehmann. link

13th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine Conference
2016-04-25 to 2016-04-26
Boston, MA, USA
We welcome you to GTCbio's 13th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine Conference, to be held on April 25-26, 2016 in Boston, MA. This conference presents information regarding cutting-edge developments in all areas of stem cell research, including the biology, medicine, applications and regulations of stem cells. Topics of discussion include recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical trials of stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy, stem cell reprogramming, and regulatory policies regarding stem cell research. link

5th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization Conference
2016-04-26 to 2016-04-27
Boston, MA, USA
We welcome you to GTCbio's 5th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization Conference, to be held on April 26-27, 2016 in Boston, MA. This forum presents cutting-edge information on developments in all areas of stem cell research including the biology, medicine, applications, funding, regulations, manufacturing, product development, and the business of stem cells. Business opportunities, challenges, and potential strategies for overcoming these challenges will also be discussed. Come join us to learn what categories of companies are currently commercially viable, how they're being funded, and what kind of strategic relationships are available within the industry! link

The Stem Cell Niche - Development & Disease
2016-05-22 to 2016-05-26
Copenhagen, Denmark
The aim of the conference is to provide a niche for presentations of the latest basic research in stem cell and developmental biology and to stimulate exchange of ideas by providing ample time for both formal and informal discussions. The conference theme is the concept of the “niche”, in the broadest possible sense of the word, encompassing all sources of inputs stem and progenitor cells receive from their environment to expand or differentiate. This topic is both important and timely in light of the need for improved therapies against devastating diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disorders. It is difficult to predict which basic research will lead to major medical breakthroughs, so future applications in medicine will rely on continued strong basic research. link

Shaping Life—SFDB Meeting
2016-05-24 to 2016-05-27
Marseille, France
Understanding how tissues grow, acquire their form and function, and are assembled to constitute a living organism is one of the great frontiers in science.
By integrating genetics, molecular biology, physiology and anatomy, as well as physics, mathematics and computational science, Developmental Biology is at the forefront to understand this process and the pathologies associated to its deregulation. From gene regulation to evolution, this meeting will bring together the best experts , as well as early career scientists, to share their latest data and expose how modern approaches of developmental biology crack the mysteries that Shape Life.
Time will be devoted for debate to generate new ideas and new concepts. link

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists
2016-05-31 to 2016-06-03
Kumamoto Civic Sojo University Hall and Kumamoto City International Center, Kumamoto, Japan

Welcome to the 49th Annual Meeting of JSDB in Kumamoto! link

Molecular and developmental biology of Drosophila
2016-06-19 to 2016-06-25
Kolymbari, Crete, Greece

The principal theme of the EMBO Conference is the Molecular and Developmental Biology of DrosophilaThe conference has been supported by EMBO for over thirty years and awarded the status of EMBO CONFERENCE in 2000.  This will be the 20th biennial Crete meeting.

The objective of this EMBO Conference is to bring together an international group of principal investigators to present their findings on gene organisation and expression, development, pattern formation, neurobiology and the evolution of Drosophila. link

ISSCR Annual Meeting 2016
2016-06-20 to 2016-06-25
San Francisco, CA, USA
At the heart of stem cell science is the ISSCR Annual Meeting - a place were great science, collaboration, and research across the breadth of the field come together to turn the promise of our field into scientific progress that will change the face of human health. This is the meeting that let's you take control of your experience and what you'll discover. link

2nd Congress of the International Neonatology Association
2016-07-15 to 2016-07-17
Vienna, Austria
n behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd Congress of the International Neonatology Association to be held in Vienna, Austria, 15 – 17 July, 2016. The inaugural INA conference held in Valencia Spain in April 2014 was a resounding success with delegates from 58 countries and outstanding sessions on a wide variety of topics. link

12th International Congress of Cell Biology
2016-07-21 to 2016-07-25
Prague, Czech Republic
The aim of the congress is to offer a unique opportunity for sharing well selected aspects on the latest evidence based research findings and applications. Also, the congress is a stimulating forum for professional development and establishing fruitful global and regional collaborations.
Newly integrated in the congress programme are the academic, scientific and corporate project development day, exchange and career fair for students, professional development accreditation (CME), industry training centre and last but not least new innovative congress technologies for delegates. We expect more than 3000 participants including 80 invited speakers. link

SDB 75th Annual Meeting ISD 19th International Conference
2016-08-04 to 2016-08-08
Boston, MA, USA
Mark your calendars!  The Society for Developmental Biology 75th Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Society of Differentiation 19th International Conference, August 4 - 8, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts at the Marriott Copley Place. link

The 7th EMBO Meeting 2016
2016-09-07 to 2016-09-13
Mannheim, Germany

The EMBO Meeting is an annual event held in Europe to promote the life sciences and the exchange of scientific results. The meeting encourages scientists to look beyond their own fields, engage with the international scientific community and explore interdisciplinary approaches to research in the life sciences. Participants experience new perspectives on topics that cover the entire range of the life sciences – from studies of molecules and the cell all the way up to investigation of larger, complex biological systems. 

The EMBO Meeting: link

Organoids: Modelling Organ Development and Disease in 3D Culture
2016-10-12 to 2016-10-15
Heidelberg, Germany

The symposium will bring together researchers across multiple areas of marine, aquatic, and terrestrial microbial eukaryotic study to increase permeability across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and foster new collaborations. link