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16th Annual International Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease
2016-02-13 to 2016-02-16
St. Petersburg, USA

This is a four-day conference on Congenital Heart Disease with a focus on Pediatric and Congenital Diseases of the Aorta.  Keynote speaker will be James Quintessenza, MD, of All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The conference will cover current topics related to the following:

• Anatomy of the Aorta

• Echocardiography of the Aorta

• Surgery for Patients with Diseases of the Aorta

• Critical Care of Patients with Diseases of the Aorta

• Adults with Congenital Heart Diseases of the Aorta

• Featured Ethics Symposium

• Featured Symposium for Nurses

• Featured Symposium for Hospital Administrators

The conference will have 3 pathways: main conference for all attendees, pathway for nurses, and pathway for hospital administrators.  Included will be hands-on workshops designed for every attendee, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, and pathologic heart specimen exhibits. link

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 14th Annual International Symposium
2016-02-18 to 2016-02-20
Miami, FL, USA
Statement of Need: A key strategy for addressing heart disease and stroke is to educate the public and healthcare practitioners  about the importance of prevention. When healthcare providers perform consistent risk factor assessments, more patients can be properly diagnosed and medically managed to prevent cardiovascular disease. Both primary and secondary prevention, as well as new developments in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, need to be addressed. link

The 4th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnacy
2016-02-27 to 2016-03-01
Lasvegas, Nevada, USA

The 4th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnacy link

The 4th International Conference on Prehypertension, Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome
2016-03-03 to 2016-03-06
Venice, Italy

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in The 4th International Conference on Prehypertension, Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome.

Prehypertension is usually associated with other components of the metabolic syndrome i.e. obesity, glucose intolerance and dyslipidemia. This association is due to common mechanistic pathways and has implications on cardiovascular complications. Diet and exercise with or without drug therapy benefit all components of the metabolic syndrome. Antihypertensive medications may lead to deterioration in glucose tolerance while glucose lowering agents may affect blood pressure. Thus, any discussion about the approach to prehypertension must be done in context to the whole cardio metabolic risk. link

25th European Stroke Conference
2016-04-13 to 2016-04-15
Venice, Italy
In the tradition of the ESC we will keep what made the conference so outstanding and worth to attend, e.g. an international forum for presentation and discussion of original research in oral and electronic poster sessions: New E-Poster Workshops will open for an improved Author-Expert-Audience communication. The European Stroke Conference presents joint sessions with international societies representing European Cardiology, Hypertension, NeuroRehabilitation, etc. Expert Rounds will tackle difficult issues of patient care not covered by evidence based guidelines. DAILY STROKE NEWS during breakfast time will provide Take-Home Messages. link

Heart Failure 2016
2016-05-21 to 2016-05-24
Florence, Italy
Heart Failure is the annual congress of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC, established as the world's leading heart failure congress, where stategies for a universal approach in the prevention and treatment of heart failure are made. link

World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health 2016
2016-06-04 to 2016-06-07
Mexico City, Mexico

WCC 2016 starts in less than one year!

We look forward to welcoming you to Mexico City on 4 –7 June 2016 for the World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health (WCC 2016):

A global interactive event to promote CV health Uniting cardiovascular disease specialists with other disciplines to network, share knowledge and build innovative solutions for patients and populations
An outstanding line up of world leaders in heart health 120 sessions on cardiovascular health and cardiology practice - including acute coronary syndromes, heart rhythm disorders and heart failure - for all health and public health professionals
Best practice sharing An interactive programme designed to respond to the needs of professionals - representing disciplines including cardiology, internal medicine, general practice, nursing and public health - in their everyday practice across different resource settings
Ground breaking research into cardiovascular health 1,000 new abstracts on prevention, diagnosis and treatment alongside public health and health systems approaches for cardiovascular and related diseases
Spotlight on Latin America and sessions in Spanish Exploring the spectrum of CVD in Latin America:  epidemic of atherosclerosis, Chagas’ and rheumatic heart disease, obesity, tobacco as well as health systems
A platform towards the 25x25 goal: a 25% reduction in premature CVD morbidity and mortality by 2025 link

ESC Congress 2016
2016-08-27 to 2016-08-31
Rome, Italy
This event's educational programme is accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for hours of External CME credits. Each participant should claim only those hours of credit that have actually been spent in the educational activity. EBAC works according to the quality standards of the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), which is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). link

Third Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference
2016-11-01 to 2016-11-04
Paphos, Cyprus
It has been brought to our attention that EHS Housing has recently been cold calling our speakers offering accommodation for a named Fusion conference. Please note that we have no association with EHS Housing and they are acting on our behalf without our permission. We strongly advise that any calls from EHS Housing are ignored or ended immediately. If you are contacted by EHS Housing, please notify us immediately. link