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Hallmarks of cancer: Focus on RNA
2015-10-09 to 2015-10-10
Institut Curie - Amphithéâtre Constant Burg, Paris, France
Accumulating evidences support the importance of RNA biology in the hallmarks of cancer. Post-transcriptional steps of gene expression (pre-mRNA splicing and polyadenylation, mRNA stability, translation and modifications) as well as the functions of non-coding RNAs are increasingly diverse. It is therefore challenging to comprehend this complexity in the context of cancer.

The internationally renowned experts invited to this symposium will present the recent advances in our understanding of RNA biology in cancer. This will be complemented by at least 10 selected talks and 60 poster presentations.

The symposium is intended to bring together RNA and cancer biologists. It is expected that the small size of the attendance (max 120) will foster stimulating discussions that will lead to innovative collaborations. link

5th Asian Symposium on Emulsion Polymerization and Functional Polymeric Microspheres
2015-10-24 to 2015-10-27
Suzhou, China
The general theme of this symposium is to promote science and industrialization translation of emulsion polymerization and microspheres by discussing recent research advances in both fundamental and applications in the fields of emulsion polymerization and functional polymeric microspheres. link

EMBL Conference — Cancer Genomics
2015-11-01 to 2015-11-04
Heidelberg, Germany
This conference will provide an opportunity to learn about and keep up to date with the rapidly progressing area of cancer genomics. It will cover presentations from cancer genome projects, the areas of cancer functional genomics, systems biology, cancer mouse models, and the translation and clinical impact of scientific results obtained. link

2015 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting
2015-11-06 to 2015-11-11
San Francisco, CA, USA
This event features the latest innovations, science, business and clinical best practices. Get first-hand access to the latest discoveries and research transforming rheumatic disease care. Or, focus on clinical applications that will improve health for your patients today. Take time to join your colleagues to focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic disease. Experience personalized learning that allows you to expand your knowledge to new areas of interest and focus on your specialty. link

First International Conference on Advances in Food Science and Technology (ICAFST – 2015)
2015-11-20 to 2015-11-22
Kerala, India
The field of Food Technology is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in life sciences and public health. The importance and significance can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors. link

International Conference on Ionic Liquid-based Materials (ILMAT III)
2015-12-08 to 2015-12-10
Berlin, Germany
ILMAT - The International Conference on Ionic Liquid-based Materials focuses on all aspects of modern materials chemistry, physics, and engineering exploiting the tremendous potential of ionic liquids for materials synthesis, design, and tuning. After the successful collaboration at the occasion of ILMAT 2013, the ILMAT organizers have once again teamed up with Int. J. Mol. Sci. to edit a topical issue on ILMAT 2015. link

Viruses 2016 - At the Forefront of Virus–Host Interactions
2016-01-26 to 2016-01-28
Pharmacenter, Basel, Switzerland
An international scientific conference sponsored by the journal Viruses under the patronage of the University of Basel. link

7th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy
2016-02-15 to 2016-02-18
Dubai, UAE
7th ICDDT, being the most innovative event, aims to provide an open and stimulating scientific and cultural exchange that will give all the participants the opportunity to share their experiences, foster collaborations across industry and academia and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe. link

4th Biotechnology World Congress
2016-02-15 to 2016-02-18
Dubai, UAE
The conference aims to shed light on the translational nature of biotechnological research, with emphasis on both the basic science as well as its applications in industry and academia. link