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TIC’14: The ISPRS Tracking and Imaging Challenge 2014
2014-09-07 to 2014-09-09
Zurich, Switzerland
The ISPRS Tracking and Imaging Challenge 2014, TIC’14, is aiming at stimulating research and creativity between communities such as image processing, spatial computing, and GIScience. TIC’14 is requiring that two types of data are linked in innovative ways, namely trajectory data as it is captured for example from mobile positioning sensors, smart cards, or e-tags, and image data as it is captured for example from tourist photos on Flickr, smartphones, CCTV, or car mounted cameras. You may even think of wearable computing. TIC’14 is on purpose broad and open to allow for unorthodox and novel applications and methods. link

GIScience 2014
2014-09-23 to 2014-09-26
Vienna, Austria
The Eighth International Conference on Geographic Information Science is hosted by Vienna University of Technology, Austria. GIScience 2014 continues a highly successful series of conferences started in 2000 that regularly brings together more than 200 international participants from academia, industry, and government organizations to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art in Geographic Information Science. link

Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications
2014-10-06 to 2014-10-08
Toronto, Canada

The Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications intends to present and disseminate the research, development and the innovative applications of geographical information theory and technologies in broad areas, as well as other interested areas by the participating organizations. This conference joins the following symposia together:

- 2014 ISPRS Technical Commission II Midterm Symposium
- 16th IGU Spatial Data Handling Symposium link

9th International 3DGeoInfo 2014
2014-11-11 to 2014-11-13
Dubai, UAE
3DGeoInfo aims at bringing together international state-of-the-art research and facilitating the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum in the fields of 3D data collection, modelling, management, maintenance, analysis and visualization of 3D geo information. We sincerely welcome you to take part in this activity by sharing with us your expertise and passion for 3D data and technologies. link

11th International Symposium on Location-Based Services
2014-11-26 to 2014-11-28
Vienna, Austria
The symposium will offer a common ground to colleagues from various disciplines and practice where they can meet, interact and exchange knowledge, experience, plans and ideas on how LBS can and could be improved and on how it will influence both science and society. link