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Air Pollution Meterology and Human Health Symposium
2015-01-04 to 2015-01-08
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
The theme for the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting is “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place”. In our modern society, people, businesses, and governments increasingly depend on weather and climate information to anticipate the quality of the air that we breathe and the consequent heath effects. This information on air pollution and health effects influences decisions that range from the development of local, state, and national policies to an individual decisions regarding outdoor activities or anticipating and preparing for the impacts that these activities will have on one’s health. link

Children’s Environmental Health Networks 2015 Research Conference
2015-02-04 to 2015-02-06
Austin, TX, USA
This conference will explore how the interaction between food and environmental factors affect children's health. link

6th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
2015-03-04 to 2015-03-07
Vancouver, BC, Canada
This advanced level conference continues to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to share international research. From the pure science, to prevention, diagnosis and intervention across the lifespan, the conference will address the implications of this research and promote scientific/community collaboration. It provides an opportunity to enhance understanding of the relationships between knowledge and research and critical actions related to FASD. link

7th Biennial National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence
2015-03-19 to 2015-03-21
Washington, DC, USA
The 7th Biennial National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence aims to advance the health care system's response to domestic violence. The conference attracts the nation's leading medical, public health and family violence experts from across the U.S. with increased international participation. link

8th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health
2015-03-19 to 2015-03-20
Boston, USA
The Correctional Health Conference provides a forum for researchers, clinicians, administrators, educators, policy makers, and grant funding leaders to network, share evidence, and learn about emerging research and relevant policy updates in the field of correctional health care. link

2015 ASPPH Annual Meeting
2015-03-22 to 2015-03-25
Washington, DC, USA
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ASPPH will host it’s first stand-alone annual meeting to provide an opportunity for CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health to gather and focus on common goals, opportunities and challenges in academic public health. The theme of the meeting will be Framing the Future with programming relevant to CEPH-accredited public health education, research, and practice. link

2015 Aging in America Conference
2015-03-23 to 2015-03-27
Chicago, IL, USA

Aging in America is the nation’s largest multidisciplinary conference for professionals who work with older adults, including the businesses increasingly interested in this growing market. link

2015 TB Summit
2015-03-24 to 2015-03-26
London, UK
We  welcome abstracts for oral and poster presentation and will have an open oral and poster session where abstracts can be sent relating to any aspect of TB research. link

Symposium on Global Cancer Research
Boston, MA, USA
The Symposium is intended to facilitate information exchange between global health and cancer research professionals about programs in global cancer research, identify potential geographic and scientific areas for collaboration, and work to develop strategic priorities related to cancer research focused on low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). link

American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence 2015 Conference
2015-03-28 to 2015-04-01
Atlanta, USA
To have a look at the conference objectives please refer to the website. link

GHIC 2015: Global Health & Innovation Conference
2015-03-28 to 2015-03-29
Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

The Global Health & Innovation Conference (#GHIC) is the world's leading and largest global health conference as well as the largest social entrepreneurship conference, with 2,200 professionals and students from all 50 states and more than 55 countries. This must-attend, thought-leading conference convenes leaders, changemakers, and participants from all sectors of global health, international development, and social entrepreneurship. link

International Symposium on Waterborne Pathogens
2015-04-13 to 2015-04-14
Savannah, GA, USA

The sixth International Symposium on Waterborne Pathogens will provide a comprehensive forum for the exchange of up-to-the-minute information and cutting-edge ideas relating to the critical public health issue of water pathogens. link

2015 Preparedness Summit – Global Health Security: Preparing a Nation for Emerging Threats
2015-04-14 to 2015-04-17
Atlanta, GA, USA

The summit will be presenting new research findings, sharing tools and resources, and providing a variety of opportunities for attendees to learn how to implement model practices that enhance the nation’s capabilities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and other emergencies. link

SOPHE 66th Annual Meeting
2015-04-23 to 2015-04-25
Portland, OR, USA

The Society for Public Health Education's 66th Annual Meeting, Blazing a Trail for Health Education and Health Promotion, offers an exciting opportunity to share your research findings, program impacts, policy changes, perspectives, and expertise with the health education and health promotion professional community. link

25th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2015)
2015-04-25 to 2015-04-28
Copenhagen, Denmark

25th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2015), which will be held from 25 - 28 April 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Programme Committee is preparing a series of keynote lectures, symposium, educational workshops and meet-the-expert sessions on parallel tracks, covering the entire field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. link

Work, Stress and Health 2015: Sustainable Work, Sustainable Health, Sustainable Organizations
2015-05-06 to 2015-05-09
Atlanta, USA
The Work, Stress and Health Conference series addresses the ever-changing nature of work and the implications of these changes for the health, safety and well-being of workers. link

European Climate Change Adaptation Conference
2015-05-12 to 2015-05-14
Copenhagen, Denmark

The second biannual ‘European Climate Change Adaptation Conference’ will be hosted in Copenhagen in 2015. More than 1000 participants are expected to attend this event.

The conference will offer a unique platform for researchers, policy makers, and businesses to share new research results, novel policy developments, and practical implementation experiences regarding climate change impacts and adaptation, as well as highlight opportunities for business innovations aimed at supporting the transition to low carbon societies.

It will also show how climate change adaptation in Europe can contribute to job creation and other societal benefits. link

Healthy Building 2015 Europe
2015-05-18 to 2015-05-20
Einhoven, The Netherlands

Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe is a conference organized by and the Eindhoven University of Technology, under the auspices of ISIAQ International.

As we spend around 90% of our time indoors and exposure therefore is high a good (healthy) indoor environment is important. Though we have come a long way there is still ample room for improvement.

Indoor air science from the start has been a multidisciplinary effort; designing buildings is an integral effort. Both indicate the need to learn from each other, to work with each other and to look at boundaries as opportunities but not to forget where we come from.

With Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe the aim is to provide a platform where we walk along these boundaries and open views and gain knowledge from adjacent scientific fields whereas at the same time we enjoy and acknowledge the new developments and research results within our own broad field. Of course we will not forget the application potential of all the good work being performed. link

Beating Malaria 2015
2015-06-01 to 2015-07-01
London, UK

With plenty of opportunity  for networking and debate, this informal, multi-disciplinary international  meeting will bring you up to date with current research and thinking regarding Malaria infection, treatment and eradication. link

International Cancer Screening Network Meeting
2015-06-02 to 2015-06-04
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The meeting focuses on collaborative research that is aimed at identifying and fostering efficient and effective approaches to cancer control through population-based screening.

Meeting topics will include: link

Global Health Congress
2015-06-25 to 2015-06-27
Oxford, UK

The aim of the event is to highlight the link between research and practice by gathering together a wide range of papers on health and health services research close to practice and/or policy. These will come from the full range of allied disciplines including primary care, acute medicine, public health, psychiatry, paediatrics, and ageing as well as economics, psychology, statistics, social science and ethics, clinical trial design, health informatics and implementation research. link

8th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference
2015-06-29 to 2015-07-02
San Diego, California, USA
This year’s conference theme is, “Collective Impact: Developing a Shared Vision to Achieve Greater Success”. This theme invites conference participants to discover the various partnerships and cross-sector collaborations that are essential to accelerating systemic change as well as exploring the possibilities of forming uncommon and thought-provoking alliances to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic. link

Health Buildings 2015 America
2015-07-19 to 2015-07-22
Boulder, CO, USA

Healthy Buildings attracts researchers and other professionals from the fields of indoor air quality, built environments, HVAC, health sciences, public health policy, urban planning, mechanical engineering, architecture, building design and management, and more. link

27th Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
2015-08-30 to 2015-09-03
Sao Paulo, Brazil
ISEE2015 will bring together researchers, academics, managers, and health professionals in order to promote the exchange of experiences and reflection on the scientific production in the field. The meeting aims to promote communication between the scientific community, government representatives, and members of civil society, to facilitate the establishment of collaborative networks and building partnerships, strengthening the area of ​​environmental epidemiology in the region, and to promote the development of scientific and methodological capacities to face environmental health problems. link

9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health
2015-09-06 to 2015-09-10
Basel, Switzerland

The 9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health brings together some 2’000 of the most distinguished scientists and experts in the field of tropical medicine and international health. It is the premier European congress in this field.

Participants will address new solutions for the most neglected populations on the planet and especially how to apply the best science for global health challenges.

Throughout plenaries, seminars and six to eight parallel scientific sessions, the conference will reflect on global health challenges, neglected diseases, the millennium development goals and what comes after. The event will also offer a platform to reinforce and further promote public-private-partnerships and policy dialogue towards addressing global health challenges.

The congress will provide a forum for scientists, politicians, NGOs, and public and private health experts to exchange new ideas and to discuss solutions to the global health challenges of today and tomorrow. link

8th European Public Health Conference
2015-10-14 to 2015-10-17
Milan, Italy

The European Public Health Conference Foundation, the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SitI) are pleased to invite you to the 8th European Public Health Conference.

The EPH Conference aims to contribute to the improvement of public health in Europe by offering a means for exchanging information and a platform for debate to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of public health and health services research as well as public health training and education in Europe. link

25th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science
2015-10-18 to 2015-10-22
Henderson, NV, USA
At the 2015 meeting, we are seeking to foster multidisciplinary discussion in order to find multidisciplinary solutions to complex public health problems. There will be opportunities to present your ideas through oral and poster presentations, symposia, and exhibits as well as during the many informal activities being planned, including receptions, dinners, and field trips. link

Antibiotic Resistance and Antibiotic Alternatives: Looking Towards the Future
2015-11-03 to 2015-11-05
London, UK

This international interdisciplinary event is an open forum for discussion of the rise in antibiotics resistance and the potential utility of various antibiotic alternatives in treating human and animal disease.  Using a multi-professional and inter-specialty approach this event promises plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate set in an informal atmosphere. link

2015 National HIV Prevention Conference
2015-12-06 to 2015-12-09
Atlanta, GA, USA

The National HIV Prevention Conference allows for in-person collaboration between researchers and program personnel planning and implementing HIV prevention and care programs.  The conference will bring together more than 3,000 individuals who are working to stop the domestic spread of HIV. It will provide an opportunity to continue refining, improving, and strengthening our nation’s response to HIV. link