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Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit (M3D)
2016-09-12 to 2016-09-15
Boston, MA, USA
The summit will bring together an exciting balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and gain fresh perspective on the various research and current developments in the field.

The Summit will feature six conferences that will cover the latest hot topics in drug discovery:

11th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
This meeting will provide a multi-disciplinary forum for industry and academia colleagues to gather and explore the changing landscape of drug discovery in emerging target classes and chemical biology approaches for discovering new medicines. Leaders in the field will present on hot topics such as protein-protein interactions, overcoming resistance in drug design, kinase inhibitors, target identification & validation, target activation/inhibition, computational chemistry, and many more.

3rd Cell & Gene Therapy
Treatment of disease using cell and gene therapy is now a reality. With emerging technologies and new clinical trials being developed and launched at a growing rate, this meeting will discuss the evolving regulatory challenges and pre-clinical requirements, emerging technologies, the development and applications of cell and gene therapy, as well as business models and commercial milestones.

Drug Delivery & Controlled Releases
More information to come

7th Non-Coding RNA & RNAi Therapeutics
Emerging areas in RNA research provide great insight into promising therapeutic tools. Delivery has remained a solid focus for understanding how RNA has proven to play a vital and central role in all cellular function. Advances in cell selective delivery and the target abilities of RNAi demonstrate growth and maturity in the field. The excitement and interest that CRISPR brings continues to progress the evolution of genome editing tools. We will also dive into application of aptamers in diagnostic and therapeutic settings. This will include stability, affinity and specificity of oligonucleotide aptamer ligands and other delivery approaches as well.

4th GPCR in Drug Discovery
G protein-coupled receptors are the largest family of protein receptors and account for one of the largest classes for drug targets currently in the market. Continued breakthrough and insights into the structural biology of GPCRs have opened up greater potential of this target class to impact drug discovery and renewed interest in this field. Leaders in the field will share about advances in topics such as GPCRs in diseases, approaches to GPCR signaling, and biased signaling. link

5th World Congress of Clinical Safety (5WCCS)
2016-09-21 to 2016-09-23
Boston, USA
The Boston Congress is organized by IARMM to improve and promote high advanced safe and clean science and technology. The congress covers a wide range of safety topics, such as clinical safety (patient safety, medication safety, medicaldevice safety), infectious disease outbreak, disaster healthcare, clinical crisis governance, environmental health & safety, food safety, and other related safety subjects.

After the previous Congresses, 2012 in London, 2013 in Heidelberg, 2014 in Madrid, and 2015 in Vienna, a time is the 5th Congress & General Assembly 2016 in Boston, US.

We are sure that the Congress will assist the world wide exchange of knowledge and skill in this specialist area. Let's all join together at Boston Congress to meet and share information with your colleagues in a historical heart of beautiful New England, US. link