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The 4th International Conference on Structural Nano Composites (NANOSTRUC2018)
2018-05-23 to 2018-05-24
Berlin, Germany

NANOSTRUC2018 brings together an international community of experts in Berlin (Germany) on 23-24 May 2018. The aim is for these stakeholders to discuss the state-of-the-art, new research results, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications relevant to structural materials, engineering structures, nanocomposites, modelling and simulations, and their related application areas. The recent developments in understanding and improved manufacturing techniques of nanoparticles have rapidly introduced engineering nanomaterials across the commercial industry. Manufacturers can now disperse nanoparticulate nanotubes, metals, layered silicates, oxides and other nanomaterials with polymers, metals and ceramics to optimize the composite's properties.

This in turn provides colour/transparency, conductivity, flame retardancy, barrier properties, magnetic properties and anticorrosive properties, as well as tensile strength, modulus and heat distortion temperature. These composites offer users significantly enhanced properties compared to conventional materials. The ability to incorporate nanofillers within polymers has permitted extensive research and progress in targeting specific material properties with great control and precision. The conference fruitful discussions will cover these subjects in depth. link