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2018 International Conference on Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering (CPEEE 2018)
2018-03-30 to 2018-04-01
Tokyo, Japan
The main theme of the conference is to address and deliberate on the latest technical status and recent trends in the research and applications of power, energy and electrical engineering. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for the scientists, engineers, industrialists, scholars and other professionals from all over the world to interact and exchange their new ideas and research outcomes in related fields and develop possible chances for future collaboration. The conference is also aimed at motivating the next generation of researchers to promote their interests in power, energy and electrical engineering. link

2018 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (SSEC 2018)
2018-04-04 to 2018-04-06
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington, USA
The theme for this year’s meeting is “Ecosystem Recovery in an International Transboundary System”. An important aim of this meeting includes working towards strategies for recovery and management that integrate across cultures, disciplines, and boundaries, and bringing knowledge to action. link

US-IALE 2018 Annual Meeting
2018-04-08 to 2018-04-12
Chicago, Illinois, USA
IALE provides an infrastructure as a world wide organization of landscape ecologists, which serves as a discussion platform and stimulates interaction across the disciplines. IALE will create an infrastructure to make it easy for landscape ecologists to contact each other and to know about current developments in landscape ecology around the world. To achieve its aims, IALE has an active executive committee, a Webpage and a Bulletin. IALE organizes a world congress every 4 years and regional conferences. IALE has many active chapters around the world and maintains several Working groups. link

2nd International Conference of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE)
2018-04-16 to 2018-04-20
Paris, France
This 2nd International Conference will undoubtedly highlight the publication of the new version of the Guidelines for the Conduct of Evidence Synthesis and the CEESAT tool for evaluation of literature reviews and other types of synthesis including meta-analysis. Our programme aims at outreaching a large range of audience, from those who are conducting evidence-synthesis and those who are developing new tools and methods to achieve better cost/benefit results, to all the users of evidence-synthesis and funders of various environmental and research programmes in which this approach would be useful. link

ICERE 2018 5th International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy
2018-05-02 to 2018-05-04
Paris, France
ICERE 2018, is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Environment and Renewable Energy to a common forum. The aim of this conference is to promote environmentally safe and economically sustainable renewable energy, to create theoretical base of the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources. Another goal is to promote research in the field of Environmental science and development of renewable energy and to facilitate exchange of new ideas in these fields and to create a dialogue between scientists and practitioners. link

SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting
2018-05-13 to 2018-05-17
Rome, Italy
SETAC Rome is a 5-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities. You cannot miss this event if you are interested in emerging research, regulatory developments and the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology and chemistry. Between 2,000 and 2,500 scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from academia, business and government, representing an average of 60 countries, provides a unique networking opportunity and a chance for cross-collaboration long after the closing session. link

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
2018-06-03 to 2018-06-07
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Created in 1999, the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) is the recognized leader within ASCE for the integration of technical expertise and public policy in the planning, design, construction, and operation of environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure impacting air, land and water resources. link

2nd International Conference on Bioresources, Energy, Environment, and Materials Technology (BEEM 2018)
2018-06-10 to 2018-06-13
Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, Korea
This conference was specifically designed to stimulate new research activities in the technological fields of bioresources, energy, environment, and materials. We encourage you to participate in the progress of the shares of research with eminent researchers through active discussion collaboration. link

IconBM 2018 International Conference on Biomass
2018-06-17 to 2018-06-20
Bologna, Italy
IconBM2018 will take a series of presentation and discussion in plenary, oral and poster sessions. Theme 1 - Biomass Conversion Analysis; Theme 2 - Biomass Processes; Theme 3 - Biomass Resources; Theme 4 - Biomass Policies. link

Environment, Green Technology, and Engineering International Conference (EGTEIC)
2018-06-18 to 2018-06-20
Cáceres, Spain
The Environment, Green Technology and Engineering International Conference (EGTEIC) was conceived to address the challenges our planet is facing today, to share and discuss proposals and research that can help us to build more resilient technologies, and to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many topics, disciplines, and backgrounds, to tackle these challenges. Our aim is to share experiences and knowledge related to the use of natural resources, covering a wide range of critically important topics. link

Economy, Sustainable Development and Energy International Conference (ESDEIC)
2018-06-25 to 2018-06-27
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK
ESDEIC is an international forum where researchers, environmentalists, scientists, scholars and students, share their ideas, experiences, advancements, and research results about all aspects related to economy, sustainable development and energy. We also want to discuss the practical challenges encountered, and their possible solutions.

http://www.esdeic.comexternal link

The 2nd International Research Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment (SEEME)
2018-07-25 to 2018-07-27
Asturias, Spain
This conference offers a platform for worldwide researchers and scientists from academia, industry and government to discuss proposals and disseminate results on sustainable energy and materials and its impact on engineering and our Environment. The formation of lasting productive partnerships between the participants is also an objective of this conference. This research conference is open to all in the research and scientific community. link

2018 International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Technologies (ICSET 2018)
2018-08-19 to 2018-08-21
Manila, Philippines
The Mapúa University (Philippines) in cooperation with Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science and National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan are organizing the 2018 International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Technologies (ICSET 2018) to be held in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines on August 19-21, 2018. link

Global Land Programme 2018 Asia Conference (GLP 2018)
2018-09-03 to 2018-09-05
Taipei, Taiwan
GLP Taipei Nodal Office together with GLP Japan Nodal Office, are pleased to announce the call for session proposals for the GLP 2018 Asia Conference to be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 03-05 September 2018. Sessions could be organized by commissions or group of scholars on relevant interdisciplinary themes. The deadline for submitting your session proposals is 1 February 2018. link

IENE 2018 Conference--Crossing borders for a greener and sustainable transport infrastructure
2018-09-11 to 2018-09-14
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
IENE international conferences aim at presenting cutting-edge research, identifying urgent questions and problems, discussing effective solutions, and outlining ideas for future activities in transport and infrastructure ecology. "Crossing borders" is the central theme of IENE 2018, because that is what habitat defragmentation is all about, both literally and figuratively. link

Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC 2018)
2018-09-29 to 2018-10-03
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
WEFTEC®, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, is the largest conference of its kind in North America and offers water quality professionals from around the world with the best water quality education and training available today. link

ACES 2018 - A Community on Ecosystem Services
2018-12-03 to 2018-12-07
Washington, DC, USA
The focus of the conference is to link state-of-the-art science, practice, and decision making by bringing together the ecosystem services community and decision makers from around the United States and the globe. ACES 2018 will engage leaders in government, NGOs, academia, Native American tribes, and the private sector to advance the use of ecosystem services science and practice in resource management and other societal decisions. link

6th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (EAAOP-6)
2019-06-26 to 2019-06-30
Portoroz-Portorose, Slovenia
The 6th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (EAAOP-6) is jointly organized by the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the Section for Catalysis of the Slovenian Chemical Society. The Conference will bring together scientists, engineers and other environmental professionals to present their findings and discuss future trends and directions concerning various environmental applications of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). The contributions will focus on the scientific and technological advances of AOPs for the remediation of water, air and soil contaminated with various recalcitrant compounds, either alone or in combination with other processes. link

The 5th International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies (SCMT5)
2019-07-14 to 2019-07-17
Kingston University, London, UK
The conference will be run by our host, Professor Mukesh Limbachiya in partnership with Professor Esmaiel Ganjian and Professor Peter Claisse. The main themes are: Efficient and Sustainable Use of Construction Materials; Technological Advances for Sustainable Practice; Designing Structures and Building for Sustainability; Regulatory Framework and Government Initiatives.,0,0,0,0external link