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MEP 2015 - the 5th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection
2015-06-10 to 2015-06-13
Vrdnik, Serbia

Previous conferences, were very successful and scientist and companies from many countries gathered to exchange information and research results. The objective of this Conference is to bring together engineers, scientists and managers working in mining industry, research organizations and government organizations, on development and application of best practice in mining industry in the respect of environment protection.
The attendance of representatives from almost all Serbian mines is expected, as well as, a significant participation of professionals from mines, institutes and universities from Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada and America.
The framework of the Conference offers wide possibilities for program presentations: advertising in the Conference Proceedings, exhibitions in premises available at the Conference, presentations displayed on illustration boards or videotapes, oral presentation etc. link

ECOS-2015: 28th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy System
2015-06-30 to 2015-07-03
Pau, France
“ECOS is where engineers/scientists meet yearly to discuss developments in the general field of energy.
Starting with precise education in thermodynamics and its application to all forms of energy conversion, exergy, thermoeconomics, energy harvesting and bringing to life new energy systems have been the primary reason this conference has been going on for 28 years in all parts of the world but primarily in Europe.
The initial intent was to bring together the European scholars with those from other lands, particularly North America. For twenty seven years, this has been accomplished and a healthy conference has been held every year.
Participation in ECOS will expand one's horizon not only in the technical areas that are covered but also to interact and network with colleagues throughout the world and start and continue professional and personal friendships. link

Second Energy Future Conference
2015-07-04 to 2015-07-06
Sydney, Australia

Following the success of Energy Future (EF) 2014, the second EF conference will take place in Sydney, Australia on the 4-6 July 2016 at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. EF conferences provide a unique platform to generate and foster nexus between the scientific world, policy makers, investors, industry and the community.

This second conference will focus on Energy storage – from generation to distribution, and cover international advances alongside an impressive exhibition showcasing advanced energy technologies across the energy sector.

The first day of the conference is a great opportunity for delegates to get the latest up to date information on where future energy opportunities and solution are. Through plenary talks from influential speakers and forum discussions delegates will find out what is new, what is happening and will have plenty of opportunities to network with peers and colleagues. In depth description of the latest technologies and scientific advances will be addressed during the following two days. link