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6th Annual International Conference on Education & e-Learnding (EeL 2016)
2016-09-26 to 2016-09-27
The use of technology in education has revolutionized learning. Shifting beyond traditional mode of education, the integration of technology has become an advantage for students with specific needs. E-learning brings forth a flexible and accessible mode of education. Further the use of technology also bridges the gap of learning across borders.

With e-learning, students can have the access to other universities and academic resource materials from other countries, thereby broadening the knowledge base of students. Given these advantages, it is pivotal to deliberate upon the development of technology use in education. link

Study Abroad 2016: Partnering with Faculty to Expand Global Education
2016-11-16 to 2016-11-19
Los Angeles

Expanding global education in the 21st century is going to require significant participation of faculty from all academic areas, including STEM disciplines, business and management, and health sciences.

How do we build a more robust framework for collaboration? How can study abroad professionals and faculty work together to create programs that inspire young people, enhance curriculum, and respond to the needs of students from all academic majors and socio-economic backgrounds? How can we jointly overcome the primary barriers to study abroad: cost, curriculum, and culture? How are faculty and study abroad professionals embracing technology to facilitate and enhance international learning experiences? link