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10th international symposium on circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum (CNAPS) Corum
2017-09-20 to 2017-09-22
Montpellier, France

Liquid biopsy is one of the most important emerging field in diagnostics, especially in oncology or prenatal diagnostic since the last decade, and is starting to change practice in standard of care.

The organizing committee warmly welcomes you to the 10th international symposium on circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum (CNAPS) to be held at the Corum, Montpellier, on 20/22 September 2017.

The first CNAPS meeting was organized in 1997 by circulating nucleic acid pioneers and was the first meeting dedicated to the circulating DNA and RNA field. Such meetings are organized every two years by scientists in either America, Asia or Europe.

CNAPS meetings are unique as they focus on and link together basic and applied research. This event offers a unique opportunity for scientists and clinicians around the world to interact, discuss with companies and share knowledge with colleagues in the broader CNAPS and liquid biopsy community.

The organizing committee:

Alain Thierry
Safia El Messaoudi link

International Conference On Nanomedicine And Nanobiotechnology – ICONAN 2017
2017-09-25 to 2017-09-27
Barcelona, Spain

The International Conference On Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology is an annual event that hosts high-profile plenary speakers, world-class researchers, oral and poster presentations, workshops, sponsor exhibits and afterworks. It is a great opportunity to share your research findings with a wide audience, promote knowledge exchange, and network. The topics includes:

- Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers
- Nanomedicine for cancer diagnosis & therapy
- Biological & medical nanodevices and biosensors
- Tissue engineering and regenerative nanomedicine
- Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems
- Nano-Imaging for diagnosis, therapy and delivery
- Bionanocatalysis and nanobiosystems
- Microfluidics in nanomedicine and nanobiology link

ESHNR 2017 – 30th Annual Meeting and Refresher Course
2017-09-28 to 2017-09-30
Lisbon, Portugal

On behalf of the European Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ESHNR), we would like to cordially invite you to participate in and support the 30th Annual Meeting and Refresher Course taking place in the city of Lisbon, Portugal from September 28-30, 2017.

The 2017 ESHNR Annual Meeting will gather renowned specialists and enthusiastic speakers in the newest clinical and research hub of Lisbon, facing the Tagus river and the beautiful tower of Belém.
This year’s meeting will focus on new MR imaging and US applications, quantitative multiparametric imaging, standardization of imaging protocols and structured radiologic reports. Acute head and neck trauma, fetal and postnatal imaging, MR neurography and the role of imaging in swallowing and sleep disorders will also be covered. Besides formal lectures, practical workshops and interactive clinical-radiological sessions will also be provided.
Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting scientific event! link

Fraunhofer Life Science Symposium 2017
2017-11-08 to 2017-11-09
Leipzig, Germany
12th Fraunhofer Life Science Symposium, November 8th - 9th 2017 in Leipzig (Germany). The annual symposium wants to view the topic of "Latest Developments in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases". The main topics are:

The deadline for abstract submission is June 1, 2017. link

UK Diagnostics Summit 2017-In association with BIVDA
London, UK

The 2017 Diagnostics Summit will address how Diagnostics are supporting prevention of hospital admissions across the UK. Drawing on best-practice and expertise from key leaders at the forefront of Diagnostics research and development , the Summit will explore how Diagnostics are being utilised at community and secondary health levels to prevent disease and infection.

We will explore: link

5th Annual Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics
2017-11-28 to 2017-11-29
Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Cell-free DNA-based screening and the potential for cell-based screening has upended the field of prenatal testing. While cell-free tests are being used more and more in the clinic, cell-based tests are still on the cusp of commercialization. With both types of tests still in need of improvements in order to truly replace invasive tests, the near-term challenge is determining where the field heads once both options are viable. This meeting will discuss updated comparisons and examine the implementation, insurance, and clinical challenges associated with each test.

Furthermore, with advances in DNA amplification and sequencing comes greater opportunity to garner more information. Much discussion needs to take place in regards to the role of preconception counseling, expanded carrier screening, whole genome versus whole exome sequencing, and the effect these and any prenatal testing may have on the decision to continue a pregnancy or perform fetal therapy. link

3rd Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics
2017-11-30 to 2017-12-01
Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Couples undergoing infertility treatments are more aware than ever of preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, yet patients and practitioners alike are still struggling with understanding the technologies being used, their capabilities and limitations, and their clinical, legal, and ethical implications. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics conference aims to highlight a number of technologies and their differences, as well as how effective they are at uncovering a variety of genetic abnormalities. Considerations for mosaic embryos, biopsy techniques, and genetic counseling will also be discussed. Special attention will be paid to expanded carrier screening, its role in the direct-to-consumer market, and the potential for other molecular tests for infertility and implantation failure. Future directions for the role of gene editing and non-invasive embryo diagnostics will also be discussed. link