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2nd International Conference on Bioimaging (BIOIMAGING 2015)
2015-01-12 to 2015-01-15
Lisbon, Portugal

Bioimaging is a term that covers the complex chain of acquiring, processing and visualizing structural or functional images of living objects or systems, including extraction and processing of image-related information. Examples of image modalities used in bioimaging are many, including: X-ray, CT, MRI and fMRI, PET and HRRT PET, SPECT, MEG and so on. Medical imaging and microscope/fluorescence image processing are important parts of bioimaging referring to the techniques and processes used to create images of the human body, anatomical areas, tissues, and so on, down to the molecular level, for clinical purposes, seeking to reveal, diagnose, or examine diseases, or medical science, including the study of normal anatomy and physiology. Image processing methods, such as denoising, segmentation, deconvolution and registration methods, feature recognition and classification represent an indispensable part of bioimaging, as well as related data analysis and statistical tools.

http://www.bioimaging.biostec.orgexternal link

Arrhythmias and the Heart 2015: A Cardiovascular Update
2015-02-02 to 2015-02-06
Kola, Kauai, HT, USA

The program explores approaches to the diagnosis, management and prevention of common rhythm disorders. The diagnoses and management of atrial fibrillation are also reviewed. The program shares pearls to aid in the evaluation and assessment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias. The diagnosis and treatment of patients with congestive heart failure are integrated, as well as valvular heart. link

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual Personalized Diagnostics Conference
2015-02-16 to 2015-02-18
San Francisco, CA, USA

Now that the goal of moving NGS to the clinic has been accomplished, the next step is to ensure proper usage and adoption. Developing standards, protocols, robustness, cost-effectiveness and reimbursement of assays are all of prime importance. This year’s Personalized Diagnostics conference will review recent progress for building an infrastructure to incorporate the use of NGS and circulating biomarkers in the clinic for cancer, prenatal, cardiovascular, pediatric and genetic disease applications and illustrate value-added testing using case studies. link

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 3rd Annual Companion Diagnostics Conference
2015-02-16 to 2015-02-18
San Francisco, CA, USA

The field of companion diagnostics is undergoing radical changes with the battery of sequencing tests available and adoption of new clinical trial protocols. The reality is becoming apparent that a new strategy is needed for implementing and commercializing molecularly guided therapies. More personalized therapies are available but significant questions remain as to how to get patients the treatments best suited to their disease. Multi-gene panels are becoming the standard of care in oncology but the practice is far from commonplace. Practical aspects of reimbursement, regulation, patient payment responsibility, commercial launch and drug development will be covered in this comprehensive program detailing the state-of-the-art process for implementing companion diagnostics. link

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 12th Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conference
2015-02-16 to 2015-02-18
San Francisco, CA, USA

The growth in the diagnostics sector and personalized therapy is being driven by opportunities in molecular diagnostics. Today, hospitals and healthcare providers need to stay competitive by taking on large-scale projects to match patients with targeted therapy using next generation sequencing and molecular profiling tools. This conference will feature experts on business strategy, platform development, regulation and reimbursement who will outline the steps needed to take to achieve commercial success in the current environment. link

SPIE Medical Imaging 2015
2015-02-21 to 2015-02-26
Orlando, FL, USA

SPIE Medical Imaging conference, is where the latest information in digital pathology; tomography; image processing, perception, registration, informatics, and segmentation; computer-aided diagnosis; and ultrasound is presented. Whether you are presenting to your peers, or are looking to gain further knowledge to enhance your research area, we welcome your participation. link

Family Medicine: Improving Your Outcomes Through Diagnosis and Treatment Continuing professional development event
2015-03-30 to 2015-04-03
Sarasota, FL, USA


American Medical Seminars, Inc. presents this Live CME Conference in Sarasota, FL. The course is free of Commercial Support and is approved for 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Course details and other CME courses can be found at link

IEEE International Systems Conference 2015
2015-04-13 to 2015-04-16
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

IEEE SysCon seeks to create an interactive forum for the advancement of the practice of systems engineering across the multiple disciplines and specialty areas associated with the engineering of complex systems. link

12th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry
2015-06-14 to 2015-06-18
Athens, Greece
During the upcoming World Congress of Biological Psychiatry, worldwide opinion leaders will share with us the recent innovations in their respective fields which impact on diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of our patients. High scientific level sessions will be organized: plenary lectures, symposia, interactive workshops and debates.

http://www.wfsbp-congress.orgexternal link