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ECPM XXVI European Congress on Perinatal Medicine
2018-09-05 to 2018-09-08
St. Petersburg, Russia

Leaded by more than one thousand experts in the field of perinatal medicine, ECPM is dedicated to midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists professionals in child pathology, paediatric surgery and genetics.
The conference is divided into keynote lectures from internationally renewed experts, pleanary sessions and parallel sessions. Participants are invited to submit their researches in the form of oral or poster presentations, depending on the content of their abstracts. Many pre-congress courses with high educational value are scheduled too. link

Ultrasound Meets Magnetic Resonance
2018-09-27 to 2018-09-29
Paris, France
The meeting will take place from 5 to 7 April 2018 in France and the President of the conference is Professor Yves Ville and Professor Daniela Prayer is one of the members of the Scientific Committee. The meeting will be a very high level opportunity for ultra-sonographers and sonographers especially to attend a prestigious and practical conference on Ultrasound, including hands on training on fetal brain and fetal heart. link

8th International Congress of UENPS
2018-10-03 to 2018-10-05
Bucharest, Romania

The 8th International Congress of UENPS, to be held in Bucharest from 3 to 5 October 2018, is an opportunity for neonatal medical education and an opening for new collaborations in the field of research among the international neonatal and perinatal medical team.

Participants will have the chance to exchange views and experiences on the health of newborns, discuss today’s methods of care used in neonatology, and broaden their knowledge in topics such as:

The setting of the event is the capital of Romania, Bucharest, one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe, also called “Little Paris” during Belle Epoque. link

Birth Congress – Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery
2018-11-14 to 2018-11-17
Venice, Italy
Birth Congress - Clinical challenges in Labor and Delivery will be held in Venice, 14-17 November 2018. Presidents of this meeting are Prof. Gian Carlo Di Renzo and Roberto Romero. The congress will be dedicated to all the news on labor, delivery, cesarean section, postpartum care and much more! link