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Cell Fate Diversity in Aging
2016-09-25 to 2016-09-28
Cavtat, Dubrovnik. Croatia
Aging is the largest risk factor for a panoply of chronic diseases, which impose huge burdens on societies and economies. An underexplored yet critical aspect of aging is the multiplicity of cellular phenotypes that emerge in aging metazoans. The Zing conference on “Cell Fate Diversity in Aging” will focus on molecular processes that give rise to these cellular phenotypes and their tissue-specific consequences. It will discuss processes such as damage, developmental cascades and pleiotropic effects in driving different cell fates, including cell death, senescence, adaptive reprogramming and cell fitness. The program will feature innovative approaches, with a large participation by new investigators, with a core of leaders to provide context to the field. It will include two sessions on emerging tools. One will focus on quantitative measurements of the drivers and cellular outcomes of aging to facilitate predictions of tissue-specific consequences. The second will explore computational and experimental models to test hypotheses. The program will also include poster sessions, ample time for discussion and opportunities for senior and junior investigators to interact. Since it is now clear that understanding basic processes of aging holds much greater promise for improving health span than studying each disease individually, a key goal of this international conference is to recognize the tissue endpoints of cell fate diversity in aging and identify novel targets for interventions. link

Chromatin, Replication and Chromosomal Stability 2016
2016-10-19 to 2016-10-21
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The epigenetic framework guides events like replication, repair and transcription, which in turn themselves leave an imprint on chromatin and chromosomal structure. Understanding how modulation of chromatin during replication and repair influence cell fate decisions in normal development and disease represents a major challenge. By bringing together leading scientists in chromatin, replication, and epigenetics, this conference aims to inspire discussions and new ideas on the interplay between chromosome organisation, epigenetic
inheritance and genome duplication. link