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19th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC 19)
2017-05-28 to 2017-06-01
Assisi, Italy
The 19th Edition of the International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC19) will focus on the peculiar properties of intercalation materials. These solids have experienced a great development in recent years and represent now an established specific domain of solid-state research and materials sciences. The design and the characterization of intercalation compounds with advanced functional properties needs of interdisciplinary competences such as chemistry, solid-state physics and biology. This Symposium offers a unique opportunity for the Intercalation Compounds Community to bring together information, results and ideas that will stimulate further exploration in the filed of the intercalation compounds. link

22nd Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Electrochemistry (XXII SPE MEETING)
2017-06-19 to 2017-06-22
Ponta Delgada, Azores
The SPE (Portuguese Society of Electrochemistry) Meetings are organized every year (or second year) and have a long-standing tradition as an exchange platform for all aspects of Electrochemistry.
The XXII SPE Meeting intends to provide a valuable platform for scientific discussions as well as a stimulating meeting place encouraging a close partnership between delegates from academia and industry. Developments, achievements and prospects in all fields of electrochemistry will be presented in plenary presentations by distinguished and by young scientists, keynote lectures, oral and poster communications. link

The XXV National Meeting of the Portuguese Chemical Society (XXV-EN-SPQ)
2017-07-16 to 2017-07-19
Lisbon, Portugal

The XXV National Meeting of the Portuguese Chemical Society (XXV-EN-SPQ) will be held in the beautiful city of Lisbon at the Pharmacy Faculty of the Lisbon University from 16-19 of July of 2017.

This will be a unique event that will bring together the Portuguese Chemical Society to celebrate the XXV edition of SPQ National Meetings. This biannual meeting is the major event of SPQ and embraces the activities of all areas and branches of chemistry.

Under the general theme of Chemistry in Action, the XXV-EN-SPQ will have an exciting scientific program lead by renowned international experts, which will focus on the central role of chemistry in solving fundamental problems of modern societies at the interface of biology, material and environmental sciences.

The list of confirmed speakers includes, João Rocha (recipient of the Ferreira da Silva ward), Adrián Silva (recipient of the Vicente Seabra Medal) and the plenary speakers, Ben Davis (University of Oxford), Herbert Waldmann (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology), Rui Moreira, University of Lisbon), Stephen Caddick (University College London), Antonello Mai, Sapienza Università di Roma), Stefan Matile (University of Geneva), João Mano (University of Aveiro), Erwin Reisner (University of Cambridge), David Milstein (The Weizmann Institute of Science), Armando Pombeiro (University of Lisbon), Paul Chirik (Princeton University), Antonio Echavarren, ICIQ, Spain).

The XXV-EN-SPQ welcomes participants from industry, government as well as academia which are cordially invited to contribute with original research papers or reviews to the Special Issue of Catalysts:

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International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2017 (ISySyCat2017)
2017-09-05 to 2017-09-08
Evora, Portugal
The second edition of the International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2017 (ISySyCat2017) will be held at the University of Evora in the historically recognized mediaeval city of Evora from September 5-8 2017. The first edition of IsySyCat that was held in the same venue in September 2015 was an enormous success with participants from 27 countries ( The city of Evora besides its striking beauty, uniqueness and hospitality is steeped in history having being the home to the Romans, the Moors, Visigoth's and others, including the kings of Portugal. It has UNESCO world heritage, and this walled city is the location of a Roman temple, palaces and old cathedrals. The conference will take place in the old part of the University known as Colégio Espirito Santo which dates back to the 16th Century.
The conference will focus on key topics in contemporary organic and organometallic synthesis and catalysis, which are of relevance to both academic and industrial chemists alike. We anticipate a good mix of participants from academia and industry. This is reflected in the list of speakers hailing from both these domains from all over the world. link