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24th International Conference on Atomic Physics
2014-08-03 to 2014-08-08
Washington, D.C., USA
The 24th International Conference on Atomic Physics will be held on August 3-8, 2014 at the historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. USA. The event will be hosted by the Joint Quantum Institute, a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland, with support from the Laboratory for Physical Sciences. link

Hakone XIV
2014-09-21 to 2014-09-26
Zinnowitz, Germany
HAKONE is a bi-annual symposium bringing together scientists and engineers working on subjects in the basic research and plasma processing of high pressure (typically 1 bar) and low temperature plasma chemistry. link

9th International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications
2014-09-21 to 2014-09-25
Jena, Germany
ICAMDATA 2014 is continuing the series of international conferences to promote the use of atomic and molecular data in various fields of science and technology, and provides a forum for the interaction of data producers, database designers and compilers, and data users. link

The 16th International Workshop on  Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter
2014-09-29 to 2014-10-03
Vienna, Austria
The purpose of the meeting is to bring together a relatively small, international group of leading researchers in radiative transfer, line shapes, dense plasma spectroscopy, non-LTE population kinetics, opacity studies and plasma processes, to identify current problems in these fields and directions for future research. link