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2018 NOX Family NADPH Oxidases Conference GRC
2018-05-27 to 2018-06-01
Les Diablerets, Switzerland
The goal of this conference is disseminating the latest developments in NOX/DUOX regulation, involvement in redox signaling pathways, biological functions, disease pathogenesis, and advances in structure elucidation and development of therapeutics. For more details, please refer to link

XXIX International Conference on Polyphenols and 9th Tannin Conference
2018-07-16 to 2018-07-20
Madison, WI, USA
On behalf of the Groupe Polyphénols, the Local Organizing Committee invites you to Madison, Wisconsin, and the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to participate in the XXIX International Conference on Polyphenols (ICP) and the 9th Tannin Conference (TC). link

8th International Conference on Oxidative Stress in Skin Medicine and Biology
2018-09-06 to 2018-09-09
Andros, Greece
The conference is addressing oncologists, dermatologists, biochemists, pharmaceutical and natural chemists, cell biologists, physiologists, biomedical engineers, pharmacologists, dermatologists, clinicians and post-graduate students in medical, biological and natural sciences. link