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Synthetic Biology of Antibiotic Production II
2014-08-30 to 2014-09-04
Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
This conference will focus on the advancement of synthetic biology, especially its application in the field of antibiotic production in filamentous fungi and actinomycete bacteria, including the implementation and modification of complex biosynthesis pathway modules in existing and new production hosts. link

ESCMID Conference on Reviving Old Antibiotics
2014-10-22 to 2014-10-24
Vienna, Austria
This conference presents and summarises currently available knowledge regarding optimised clinical use of off-patent antibiotics and will discuss gaps of knowledge and future areas of research as well as adapting breakpoints, enriching treatment guidelines, and implications for regulatory issues. The major expectation for this conference is to drive the optimised usage of old antibiotics, especially indications and dosage regimens, as a key contribution to preserving the efficacy of these essential drugs in an era of escalating multi-drug resistance. link