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Crops and Chemicals USA
2016-07-19 to 2016-07-21
Agrochemical Formulation
This conference aims to explore technical and scientific advances in agrochemical formulation.
1. Biostimulants and Plant Growth:
This conference aims to provide insight into regulations and also explore the science behind biostimulants and plant growth regulators.
2. Biopesticides:
This conference includes regulations, R&D, formulation and key business decisions - the knowledge needed to get a product to market.
Plant Biotechnology:
This conference explores technical and scientific advances in the world of Ag-Biotech.
3. Seed Treatments:
This conference explores seed treatment innovation: Spotting a gap in the market and using this to develop a new seed treatment product. link

The 6th World Sustainability Forum
2017-01-27 to 2017-01-28
Cape Town, South Africa

An international scientific conference of the journal Sustainability under the patronage of the University of Basel, University of the Western Cape, University of Cape Town and the National Research Foundation of the Republic of South Africa. link