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Workshop on Agent based Applications for Air Transport (AAAT)
2018-06-20 to 2018-06-22
Toledo, Spain
The aim of the AAAT Workshop is to foster the discussion on issues concerning the development of Intelligent Agents for real Air Transportation problems, including Disruption Management, Airline Operations Control, Air Traffic Management and Control, Airport Logistics, etc. Agents are, by definition, autonomous entities enable to react and adapt to changes in a complex, distributed and dynamic environment as it is the case of Air Transportation. Intelligent Agents seems to be an appropriate methodology to apply in the Air Transportation domain, since involved entities, represented by agents, can reach their ultimate goals and intentions through autonomic decision-making as well as by including features representing their own problem-solving intelligent capabilities. On the basis of theories and methodologies borrowed from a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as the Social Sciences, Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agent Systems, and many others, many important issues arise which challenge and motivate many researchers and practitioners from multidisciplinary fields, as well as different technical and scientific communities. We encourage and welcome contributions reporting on how the scientific community and practitioners are using Agents and Multi Agent Systems techniques and methodologies to address real Air Transportation problems. This includes theoretical and/or applied research as well as applications. link

2018 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment (Australia) Conference
2018-07-03 to 2018-07-06
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The 2018 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment (Australia) Conference focuses on all aspects of Airworthiness, Sustainment and Ageing Aircraft. This is a non-profit event for the benefit of all those who operate and sustain our aerospace vehicles, military or civilian, large or small, new or old, manned or unmanned. link

European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2018 (EWSHM 2018)
2018-07-10 to 2018-07-13
Manchester, UK
EWSHM started in 2002 and since then has grown significantly over the years, becoming the strong counterpart to the International Workshop on SHM (IWSHM) held in Stanford, California, USA. The two recent conferences in Nantes (2014) and Bilbao (2016) were highly successful involving almost 500 delegates and 20 industrial companies and it is anticipated that the EWSHM2018 will prove to be just as popular. link

The 9th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE)
2018-07-10 to 2018-07-13
Budapest, Hungary
We are proud to bring to the Budapest, Hungary, for the first time ever, the 9th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) in 2018. This year, the ICMAE will be hosted in the Faculty of Informatics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest of Hungary between July 10-13, 2018.
The ICMAE is a global event focused on Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical. Over the last seven years, the ICMAE has been held in various locations, including Bangkok(2011), Paris (2012), Moscow(2013), Madrid (2014), and Rome (2015), London(2016), Prague(2017). The support and participation of our membership as well as other scholars has made it possible for ICMAE to continue to be a leader among Aerospace Engineering conferences. link

2018-07-14 to 2018-07-22
Pasadena, CA, USA
The scope of COSPAR comprises space studies of the Earth’s surface, meteorology and climate; space studies of the Earth-Moon system and other bodies of the solar system, including the search for evidence of life in the solar system; study of planetary atmospheres including those of the ever-expanding inventory of exoplanets; space plasmas in the solar system; research in astrophysics from space; life sciences as related to space; materials sciences in space; and fundamental physics in space. link

32nd Annual Small Satellite Conference
2018-08-04 to 2018-08-09
Logan, UT, USA

The growth of small satellites has been fueled by the promise of shorter development cycles, lower cost, new technology, and more frequent access to space. As on-orbit results pave the way, small satellites are increasingly being considered for critical, high-value missions. These are taking the form of emerging applications with highly constrained payload requirements, new system architectures that seek operational resiliency, and numerous other user-driven conditions for availability. With affordability and responsive timelines being a classic imperative for small satellite missions, appropriate technical and programmatic approaches must match these expectations. Developers are now seeking innovative ways to increase the odds of mission success by employing diverse design techniques, autonomy methods, and streamlined processes that help identify and mitigate potential issues. However, a balance must be found between lessons learned and new concepts that achieve mission success.

During the 32nd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, we will explore the new technologies, design methods, processes, operational constructs, and activities that inform and secure the success of small satellite missions. link

8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop
2018-09-04 to 2018-09-07
Glassgow, UK
The EASN Association, the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) and the University of Glasgow are inviting you to the 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”. Over the years the EASN conference has been established as a major European Dissemination event. The 7th international gathering of the EASN Association has been attended by more than 300 participants from various disciplines who presented their high quality recent achievements and new upstream research ideas. The 8th EASN-CEAS International Workshop aims to build on the success of the series of EASN and CEAS events by becoming an even broader and even more comprehensive gathering. link

31st Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
2018-09-09 to 2018-09-14
Belo Horizonte, Brasil

ICAS is an international, non-government, non-profit scientific organization with the mission to advance knowledge and facilitate collaboration in aeronautics. ICAS is the only international support organization to representative aeronautical engineering professional societies and their members in 30 countries. ICAS organizes every two years an International Congress covering all aspects of aeronautical science and technology and their application to both military and civil aviation. link

37th AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)
2018-09-23 to 2018-09-27
London, UK
Intelligent Automation and Autonomy for a safe and secure Air Transport System
Intelligent systems are being rapidly developed in many domains but their introduction into the air transport system is coming at a slower pace due to safety and criticality concerns. To date, most of the autonomy and automation innovation in aviation has focused on control of the airplane or its systems. Things will get very interesting when it is applied to real decision-making tasks. For this type of work, machine learning is often paired with deep learning and neural networks to create powerful algorithms that attempt to “think” like a human. Participants will exchange diverse perspectives on advancements in automation and autonomy research including technical challenges, gaps and approaches.
The conference will contribute to the acceleration of technology development and implementation of intelligent systems for a more efficient and safer air transport system. The conference will review underlying capabilities, dependencies and implementations of intelligent systems in aerospace to better understand opportunities and issues towards realizing their full potential capabilities. link

69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2018)
2018-10-01 to 2018-10-05
Bremen, Germany
The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) consists of a scientific conference program and a space exhibition. It is the one time of the year opportunity when about 4,000 space actors from all over the world come together. Global, multidisciplinary, and covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information and above all new contacts and potential partnerships.
With our theme "IAC 2018 - involving everyone" we want to share our vision of a more diverse space sector. Our extensive outreach program will place special emphasis on the new generation of space experts, the expansion of equal opportunities, the integration of new countries and start-up companies into the global space network, as well as increasing the public participation. link

The 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2018 (APWSHM 2018)
2018-11-12 to 2018-11-15
Hong Kong, China
The 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2018 will be held in Hong Kong, 12-15, November 2018. Along with its two sister series of workshops (IWSHM and EWSHM), APWSHM 2018 will be the seventh version in the series of this biennial event, reviewing the latest research and development in SHM. link

The International Conference of Multiphysics (Multiphysics 2018)
2018-12-13 to 2018-12-14
Krakow, Poland
Multiphysics analysis has become increasingly important in recent years due to demand in design and understanding of complex systems. The objective of the conferences is to share and explore findings on mathematical advances, numerical modelling and experimental validation of theoretical and practical systems in a wide range of applications. link

2018 4th International Conference on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ICMAE 2018)
2018-12-13 to 2018-12-16
Bangkok, Thailand
2018 4th International Conference on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ICMAE 2018) is organzied by Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers(HKSME). The conference will be held in Bankok, Thailand, from Dec 13-16, 2018!
ICMAE 2018 aims at the crossroads between scientists, researchers, decision makers, practitioners and students from all the diverse domains that Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Intelligent Systems, Aeroelasticity, Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Flight Simulation and Mechanics, Dynamics and Control.
This conference will provide a remarkable opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions and discuss future research directions. The agenda will include keynote speeches, plenary speeches, and invited/special sessions. Contributions are expected from academia, industry, and government institutions and agencies. link