Call for Expression of Interest in Hosting Conferences, January 10, 2018 17:26

The Steering Committees of the International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S), the International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science (ISFMS) and the Symmetry Conference are seeking Expression of Interest (EoI) from universities/organizations/individual scholars to host an edition of the conference series. There is no restriction in the geographic areas considered.

For full reading, please refer to:

International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S):
International Symposium on Molecular Science (ISFMS):
Symmetry Conference:

Please feel free to contact us at

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Announcing the MDPI English Writing Prize, December 19, 2017 11:02

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UCL Press Adopts the MDPI Editorial Platform JAMS, December 15, 2017 09:51

We are delighted to announce that UCL Press has adopted MDPI's Journal Article & Management System, JAMS, including production services. JAMS is a modular, integrated editorial platform for academic publishers. It offers flexibility, ease-of-use, and is a fully integrated solution for the end-to-end management of scholarly journals. JAMS is based on the software used to publish MDPI’s portfolio of journals. 

Ian Caswell, UCL Press Journals Manager, says he is "excited to see UCL Press and MDPI partner together to implement the JAMS submission system for all UCL Press journals. The system offered a flexible, efficient and straightforward solution for our processes from author submission to ready for publication. I am grateful for the valuable experience and support MDPI have offered and look forward to developing our programme with an effective submission system in place.” Dr Martyn Rittman, MDPI’s Publishing Services Manager, adds, “We are proud to support one of the UK’s premier university presses in their publishing operation. This is an excellent way for us at MDPI to share our experience and knowledge, and benefit the research community beyond our own journals.”

JAMS combines services that are kept separate for many publishers. The entire editorial process, production and invoicing (e.g. for open access article processing charges) are fully integrated into a single platform. This allows for efficient, fast manuscript processing. For further information about JAMS, see

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