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We have implemented several minor changes to support users browsing and discovering content on Readers will notice new buttons on the right and left side of each article and issue page. These buttons facilitate navigation through an issue or volume. Related articles from our journals and other publishers are displayed on the abstract page of our Web of Science and PubMed covered journals. Further, keywords on article pages are now linked for a convenient search across all MDPI journals.

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Remote Sensing Best Paper Award 2014, January 24, 2014 09:04

In 2013 Remote Sensing started to award an annual price to recognize the most outstanding papers in the area of remote sensing techniques, design and applications published in Remote Sensing. We are pleased to announce the second “Remote Sensing Best Paper Award” for 2014. Nominations were selected by the Editor-in-Chief and selected editorial board members from among all the papers published in the year 2010.

Article Award

1st prize: E. Raymond Hunt Jr., W. Dean Hively, Stephen J. Fujikawa, David S. Linden, Craig S. T. Daughtry and Greg W. McCarty
Acquisition of NIR-Green-Blue Digital Photographs from Unmanned Aircraft for Crop Monitoring

2nd prize: Bernardo Friedrich Theodor Rudorff, Daniel Alves Aguiar, Wagner Fernando Silva, Luciana Miura Sugawara, Marcos Adami and Mauricio Alves Moreira
Studies on the Rapid Expansion of Sugarcane for Ethanol Production in São Paulo State (Brazil) Using Landsat Data

Review Award

1st prize: Xuelian Meng, Nate Currit and Kaiguang Zhao
Ground Filtering Algorithms for Airborne LiDAR Data: A Review of Critical Issues


For more details, please refer to the Remote Sensing Best Paper Award 2014 Editorial.

Earlier Editions of the Award
Remote Sensing Best Paper Award 2013


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