Updated Impact Factors for MDPI Journals, July 30, 2014 11:50

We are pleased to announce the updated Impact Factors for the MDPI journals from the 2013 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2014). Four MDPI open access journals received their first Impact Factors.

Journals with Updated Impact Factors

Journal 2013 Impact Factor Details Category Rank
Energies 1.602 Link 43/82 (Q3) in ‘Energy & Fuels’
Entropy 1.564 Link 28/77 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Multidisciplinary’
Forests 1.139 Link 30/64 (Q2) in ‘Forestry’
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 1.993 Link 90/215 (Q2) in ‘Environmental Sciences’
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2.339 Link 52/148 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Multidisciplinary’
Marine Drugs 3.512 Link 10/58 (Q1) in ‘Chemistry, Medicinal’
Materials 1.879 Link 80/251 (Q2) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
Molecules 2.095 Link 30/58 (Q3) in ‘Chemistry, Organic’
Nutrients 3.148 Link 23/78 (Q2) in ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’
Polymers 2.505 Link 24/82 (Q2) in ‘Polymer Science’
Remote Sensing 2.623 Link 6/27 (Q1) in ‘Remote Sensing’
Sensors 2.048 Link 36/76 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Analytical’
15/27 (Q3) in ‘Electrochemistry’
10/57 (Q1) in ‘Instruments & Instrumentation’
Toxins 2.480 Link 43/87 (Q2) in ‘Toxicology’
Viruses 3.279 Link 15/32 (Q2) in ‘Virology’
Water 1.291 Link 36/79 (Q2) in ‘Water Resources’

Journals with First Impact Factors

Journal 2013 Impact Factor Category Ranking
Atmosphere 1.048 61/76 (Q4) in ‘Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences’.
Micromachines 1.286 29/57 (Q3) in ‘Instruments & Instrumentation’
54/73 (Q3) in ‘Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’
Sustainability 1.077 153/215 (Q3) in ‘Environmental Sciences’
Symmetry 0.918 23/55 (Q2) in ‘Multidisciplinary Sciences’


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OASPA Confirms MDPI's Membership Following a Detailed Investigation, May 16, 2014 09:33

The OASPA Membership Committee has carried out a detailed investigation following recent claims that questioned the integrity of MDPI as an open access publisher. Based on the findings of the investigation, OASPA feels "satisfied that MDPI continue to meet the OASPA Membership Criteria". OASPA carefully reviewed correspondence and other relevant documents from MDPI. More details are available at the OASPA blog.

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