Open Access ISBN 978-3-03842-445-1 (PDF) ; ISBN 978-3-03842-444-4 (Hbk) ; DOI 10.3390/books978-3-03842-445-1
2017 CC BY-NC-ND

Entanglements with the Nonhuman: Empathies


About the Volume

"Entanglements with the Nonhuman: Empathies" is the first Edition of the new book series on "Entanglements". Having its roots in physics to describe the mutual influence of our universe’s particles, entanglement is an appropriate metaphor for the co-constitution of supposedly separate identities through relationality, dynamic interactions (or intra-actions rather) between and within systems. Self and other, human and nonhuman, nature and culture are interdependent agents rather than autonomous entities. By the same token, knowledge and meaning is co-produced by different academic and fields and expertise outside academia as well as by animals, machines and other nonhuman participants in the world-creating dance. The book series seeks to promote this understanding by soliciting work that entangles disciplines, concepts, methods and practices in the interest of a radical inter- and transdisciplinarity and, not least of all, as a basis for a posthumanist ethics of care across the species divide and for a sustainable planet at large. Accordingly, the first Edition of the series invites contributions dedicated to different conceptions and actualisations (or absence) of empathy, hence: empathies, among entangled and entangling actors. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed and will appear in a hardcopy of the Edition, as well as online as open access articles."
Manuscripts can be submitted from 1 September 2017

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