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16 January 2013
MDPI Expanding the List of Journal Titles in 2013

MDPI will continue to carefully expand its small collection of journals during 2013. The below listed titles will publish their inaugural issues this year. You are invited to subscribe to the e-mail alerts of these individual journals in order to be notified once the first issues are published. Information specialists: If you have interest to cover any of these titles in your indexing database, please contact Dietrich Rordorf (E-mail:

Atoms (ISSN 2218-2004)

Biomedicines (ISSN 2227-9059)

Chemosensors (ISSN 2227-9040)

Climate (ISSN 2225-1154)

Dentistry Journal (ISSN 2304-6767)

Diseases (ISSN 2079-9721)

Econometrics (ISSN 2225-1146)

Economies (ISSN 2227-7099)

Fibers (ISSN 2079-6439)

Galaxies (ISSN 2075-4434)

Informatics (ISSN 2227-9709)

Inorganics (ISSN 2304-6740)

Journal of Intelligence (ISSN 2079-3200)

International Journal of Financial Studies (ISSN 2227-7072)

Journal of Developmental Biology (ISSN 2221-3759)

Journal of Marine Science & Engineering (ISSN 2077-1312)

Lubricants (ISSN 2075-4442)

Machines (ISSN 2075-1702)

Mathematics ((SSN 2227-7390)

Medical Sciences(ISSN 2076-3271)

Microorganisms (ISSN 2076-2607)

Optics (ISSN 2304-6732)

Pharmacy (ISSN 2226-4787)

Processes (ISSN 2227-9717)

Proteomes (ISSN 2227-7382)

Publications (ISSN 2304-6775)

Risks (ISSN 2227-9091)

Sports (ISSN 2075-4663)

Systems (ISSN 2079-8954)

Technologies (ISSN 2227-7080)

Vaccines (ISSN 2076-393X)

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