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Response of Differentiated Human Airway Epithelia to Alcohol Exposure and Klebsiella pneumoniae Challenge
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Med. Sci. 2013, 1(1), 1-1; doi:10.3390/medsci1010001

Welcome to Medical Sciences: A New Open Access Platform for Research on Basic Medicines
Yun Yen
Department of Molecular Pharmacology, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA 91010, USA
Received: 20 March 2013 / Accepted: 3 April 2013 / Published: 11 April 2013

The scientific world is filled with both challenges and opportunities across disciplines. Around the world, all look for opportunities to improve the economy by investing in biomedical research, as well as in biotechnology. Within biotechnology, drug discovery and therapeutics remain the mainstays of biomedical research.

Drug discovery bridges the gap between pre-clinical research and clinical therapeutics to benefit human health. The three main tenets of drug discovery and therapeutics, molecular diagnostics, targeted therapy, and personalized medicine, will also be our focus in Medical Sciences in the near future. To do so, Medical Sciences must welcome new topics that align themselves with traditional areas of research in drug development and therapeutics. We must continue to emphasize topics on biomarker-guided therapies in proteomics, metabolomics, genomics, and genetics, as well as up-and-coming areas of research such as autophagy, exosomes, and RNA spliceosomes. Research on small molecules, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, nano-particles, will and should be covered by this journal’s scope alongside pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and drug delivery systems.

The journal will continue to invite outstanding original research papers, review articles, and frontier discoveries, while simultaneously attracting a greater readership. Our immediate goals are to gain SCI-accreditation and become a leading authority in the biomedical research field. We will continue to bring high quality, efficient publications to our readership.

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